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Exploring Granada one Adventure at a Time!

Mexican poet Francisco de Icaza wrote…

“There is no greater sorrow than to be blind in Granada.”

I cannot think of a better way to describe this magical city. There is never a dull moment in Granada! The history and culture of this incredible city is visible everywhere. It is so easy to discover new things in Granada that it is an adventure to live and study there.

I just returned from studying Spanish in Granada and I have taken away so many life-changing memories from my experience there. I stayed with a wonderful Spanish host family on the main commercial street in Granada, Calle Recogidas. I really enjoyed my easy walk to the school in the cool of the morning as I could see the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountain range in the distance. I would always take the long way to school by navigating my way through the maze of narrow cobbled streets. In fact, if you look close at the little metal posts along the sidewalks, you will see that the tops are cleverly carved into the shape of una granada (a pomegranate).

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