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Learn German in Frankfurt, Germany

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Our school in Frankfurt

Our German language school in Frankfurt is centrally located, within easy reach of the city’s sights, restaurants and bars. There are 9 spacious, well-equipped classrooms, computers with Internet access and student common room.

The school offers a wide range of German language courses, including a ‘Standard German Course’ of 20 lessons/week and an ‘Intensive German Course’ of 30 lessons/week. You can enrol on a course from 1-week to 36-weeks. ‘Standard Plus’ German courses are also available, combining group German lessons with 5 or 10 private German lessons/week. For those who wish to take a German language exam, there is a ‘Zertifikat Deutsch’ Exam Preparation course.

Our school also arranges Work Experience in local German companies, for students who want to stay on in Frankfurt after finishing their German language course.

School facts 
Lesson length:45 mins
Number of classrooms:7
Average class size:15
Minimum age:17
Course materials included:No
Average number of students: Summer (150) - Winter (75) per week
Disability access:No
Air conditioning:No
WiFi available:Yes
Affiliations:GfdS, FadaF
Typical activities:Museum visits, city tours, excursions to nearby cities
Paid activities:All activities need to be paid


Students can stay in shared student apartments, or else in carefully selected German host families. If you want to learn as much German as possible during your time in Germany, our school in Frankfurt advises students to stay in German host families, as you will then practise in your host family the German language skills that you learn on your course.


Our Frankfurt school also organises a cultural program, including a guided tour of Frankfurt, a welcome meeting, visits and excursions, to help international students at the school practise out of class the German language skills that they learn on the course.

How to get there

Our Frankfurt school arranges airport transfers from Frankfurt Airport, for students who prefer to be met on arrival and taken to their accommodation.

Five fun-filled weeks in Frankfurt

It is hard to believe, now that my 5 weeks on a German course in Frankfurt are drawing to a close, but when I arrived, I was actually quite nervous. A foreign country, a language I then hardly spoke and living with perfect strangers – of course I was nervous!

But when I saw the smiling face of my host mother, holding a sign with my name, I somehow knew everything would be all right – and I would come to realize that it would be so, so much more than that!

Upon arriving at my home for the following 5 weeks, I immediately felt most welcome. I had dinner with my host family and after getting over my initial shyness, I actually began joining in already. Everybody in Germany was so nice to me - My hosts, the teachers at the school, even random people on the street!


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