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Learn Greek in Crete, Greece

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Our school in Crete

Our air-conditioned Greek language school is ideally located in the centre of Chania, just a short walk from the Venetian harbour.

School facts 
Lesson length:50 mins
Number of classrooms:5
Average class size:3
Minimum age:18
Course materials included:Yes
Average number of students: Summer (7) - Winter (3) per week
Disability access:No
Air conditioning:Yes
WiFi available:Yes
Included in fees:1 meal with teachers and students (per course), 1 museum visit, Greek film shows, Internet access, cd-roms and educational materials.
Typical activities:1 meal with teachers and students (per course), 1 museum visit, Greek film shows
Paid activities:One, Two or Three day excursions with meals included, Greek music lessons, Greek dance lessons, Sightseeing in Athens and Cape Sounion.


You can learn Modern Greek on a Standard Greek Course of 20 lessons/week, or else on a Semi-intensive course of just 6 lessons/week. In each class, there is a maximum of just 12 students. Our Greek language school in Chania also offers ‘Greek for Business’ courses, ‘Ancient Greek’ courses, ‘Greek Music’ and a ‘Greek Dance’ course. There is also a ‘Modern Greek Civilization’ class.


Our Greek school in Chania can arrange accommodation in carefully selected Greek host families, or in hotels. If you want to learn as much Greek as possible, we would advise you to stay with a Greek host family, as then you will get lots of extra practise with the Greek language that you learn in class. However, you may naturally prefer to combine your Greek language course at our school with hotel accommodation.


Our school in Chania offers an extensive program of after class activities to ensure that you enjoy your time in Crete, as well as to help you practice out of the classroom the Greek that you learn in class. These activities include a tour of the historic centre Chania, Greek film evenings in the school, parties, various excursions to places of interest in Crete, Greek music and Greek dance lessons, as well as meals in local Greek restaurants with tutors from the school.

How to get there

Our school can arrange an airport transfer for you from Chania Airport, if you would like to be met on arrival and taken to your accommodation.

My Greek experience in Chania!

As a true lover of Crete I just had to visit the islands second largest city, Chania! Chania is a beautiful city divided in the old- and new town, with lots of historical sites in both parts and famous for its lighthouse and harbor.

It was quite late in the evening when I arrived in Chania for the first time. The streets were still very lively and the atmosphere was great. The main square is surrounded by restaurants and taverna’s, where both tourists and locals were enjoying their diner and drinks. We chose to have diner in one of the restaurants near the water, from there we had a perfect view over the traditional and characteristic lighthouse, which lightens up during the evening and night. After having an amazing souvlaki diner and downing the ouzo shots you get if you receive the bill (it is impolite if you don’t drink them, since it is a gift from the restaurant!) we decided to walk around for a bit.

Near the main square you can find an impressive building that has been bombed during the Second World War. In the old town you can find many historical sites that are related to the Second World War. You will also see some Turkish influence, near the harbour you can find a Turkish Mosque that is used as an indoor market and art gallery nowadays.


Location of our school in Crete
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