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Learn Portuguese in Maceio, Brazil

Maceio offers something for anyone who wants to learn Portuguese in Brazil. Students learning the Portuguese language at our school in Maceio can also discover the Brazilian culture and way of life in this modern city in northeast Brazil. Famous for its beaches, and home to the Rei Pele football stadium, the coastal city of Maceio, Brazil, is a superb location to learn Portuguese in Brazil. In Maceio, Brazil, your can learn Portuguese abroad, but also enjoy beautiful Brazil with its beaches, lagoons, sporting culture and friendly locals.

Our school in Maceio

Located a short distance from the beach, our school in Maceio offers a great opportunity for students to combine learning Portuguese in Brazil with a stunning beach holiday and everything that a modern city has to offer.

School facts 
Lesson length:45 mins
Number of classrooms:5
Average class size:6
Minimum age:16
Course materials included:Yes
Average number of students: Summer (20) - Winter (15) per week
Disability access:Yes
Air conditioning:Yes
WiFi available:Yes
Affiliations:Ministerio do Turismo, Belta
Included in fees:Course material
Typical activities:One evening is usually devoted to a soccer game, another night may be a discussion at a local bar or restaurant. In the afternoons, professors may take students to local tourist sites, depending somewhat on the enthusiasm and personal interests of the students.
Paid activities:the students always have to pay the entrance (for museums, etc) and transportation
School closed on:01/01, 03/03, 05/03, 18/04, 21/04, 01/05, 19/06, 24/06, 27/08, 16/09, 15/10, 20/11, 05/12, 24/12, 25/12


Each group class in our school in Maceio, Brazil, has a maximum of just 5 students, meaning lots of personal attention to each and every student. Our school in Maceio offers a ‘Standard’ Portuguese course of 20 lessons/week, as well as an ‘Intensive’ Portuguese course, with 30 Portuguese lessons/week. Alternatively, you can learn the Portuguese language in a private Portuguese class, ideal for learning Portuguese quickly, or if you are learning Portuguese for specific purposes.


Our school arranges accommodation in carefully selected Brazilian host families, as well as in apartments, hotels and guest houses. Naturally, if you choose to live with a Brazilian host family, you will learn Portuguese faster, as you will get lots of extra language practise, speaking Portuguese with the family.


Our Portuguese school in Maceio also offers weekly excursions to cultural, historic and ecological locations such as Marechal Deodoro, Gunga Beach, Massaguiera and the Rei Pele stadium, so that even after class you can continue learning about Brazil and the Brazilian culture.

The school has free Internet access, a school cafeteria and a travel agency. Many activities such as dance, horse-riding, mountain biking and various watersports can also be arranged by the school for anyone learning Portuguese at the school.

How to get there

To get to Maceio, simply fly to Sao Paolo, or Rio de Janeiro, and then catch a connecting flight to Maceio. Our school in Maceio arranges airport transfers from Maceio Airport, for students who wish to be met on arrival.

Magnificent, Marvelous, Maceio!

Maceio really is something else! It has everything -- from a tropical climate with palm trees, lagoons, and clear blue ocean water, to delicious cuisine, friendly and welcoming locals, and endless cultural activities to enjoy, such as dancing the samba or forró while reveling in the city’s exciting nightlife. It is a simply amazing place to learn Portuguese!

And there’s no shortage of things to do once the morning lessons are over.  The local food is fantastic – one of the most popular dishes from the area is “sururu”. Which is mussels cooked in a yummy coconut sauce. And somehow, it manages to taste even better when you have it at one of the beachside restaurants with awesome views! If you like, you can also visit a little village nearby called Massaguiera... But make sure you work up an appetite before you go – the village is known by everyone for its fresh seafood served in absolutely massive portions!... and it’s true! Of course if you don’t like seafood too much, Maceio has plenty of restaurants of it’s own... so eat your heart out... Just be prepared to come home from Maceio just tiny bit heavier than when you arrived!


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