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Learn Portuguese in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador da Bahia is a fantastic place to learn Portuguese on a language course abroad. The Brazilian people are extremely friendly and happy to speak Portuguese with those who study at our school. Salvador da Bahia offers a great mix of the old and new Brazilian city, with its superb beaches and the warm Brazilian culture. Capital of the Bahia region, and former capital of Brazil, it is a fantastic place to study Portuguese in Brazil and offers something for all those wishing to learn the Portuguese language.

In Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, you can study Portuguese and also enjoy the rich and vibrant Brazilian lifestyle and heritage.

Our school in Salvador da Bahia

Our school in Salvador da Bahia is ideally located, just a short walk from the beach and has excellent facilities, with air-conditioned classrooms, a large outside patio and free Internet access.

School facts 
Lesson length:50 mins
Number of classrooms:8
Average class size:9
Course materials included:Yes
Average number of students: Summer (40) - Winter (25) per week
Disability access:No
Air conditioning:Yes
WiFi available:Yes
Included in fees:Course material, volunteering, Samba dancing, Capoeira and yoga lessons. Exchange program (like Tamden), Intercultural meetings with Brazilian students, city tour and cultural excursions.
Typical activities:Excursions to local places of interest, dance lessons, caipoeira lessons, intercultural meetings
Paid activities:Cooking lessons, surf camping (on weekends) , boat trip in the bay, trips to another cities.


At our school in Salvador da Bahia you can learn Portuguese on a ‘Standard’ Portuguese course of 20 lessons/week, as well as an ‘Intensive’ Portuguese course, with 30 Portuguese lessons/week. Or, you can study Portuguese on a ‘Total Immersion’ Portuguese course of 20 or 30 private Portuguese lessons/week, which is perfect if you need to learn as much Portuguese as possible in a short period of time, or if you want to study Portuguese for a particular purpose – such as Portuguese for Business Purposes.

Our school also offers a ‘Brazilian cuisine’ course, ‘Samba and Brazilian Dance’ course, as well as a ‘Brazilian Music’ course – so you can learn to Samba as well as study Portuguese!


Our school in Salvador da Bahia arranges accommodation in carefully selected Brazilian host families, as well as in hotels and guest houses. Naturally, if you live with a Brazilian host family, you will learn Portuguese faster, getting lots of extra language practise, as you speak Portuguese with the family.


The lively activities programme offered by our school in Salvador Da Bahia will really help you to discover the rich Brazilian culture! Take lessons in samba or Capoeira, visit local places of interest, take part in soccer games or get involved in intercultural exchanges with local Brazilians! The activities are all optional and our colleagues at the school will confirm to you on arrival the exact activities offered during your stay.

How to get there

Our school in Salvador da Bahia, arranges airport transfers from Salvador da Bahia Airport, so that students can be met on arrival and taken to their accommodation.

Travelling to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

brazil1The 2014 world cup showed us just how welcoming and tolerant the country of Brazil can be for all those that are lucky enough to travel there. Brazil is a vast and beautiful country, a melting pot for many different nationalities, cultures and traditions. Over half of Brazilians are connected to some form of European heritage and the amount of mixed ethnic backgrounds in Brazil is steadily growing year on year.


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