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Learn Spanish in Madrid (Retiro Park), Spain



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Our school in Madrid (Retiro Park)

Our Madrid (Retiro Park) school is ideally located, just a short walk from the Retiro Park. The school is in an attractive building, with 23 well-equipped air-conditioned classrooms, an Internet café, library and student common room/cafeteria.

Courses in Madrid (Retiro Park)

Students can learn Spanish on a wide range of Spanish courses, as well as on a Spanish Course/Work Experience scheme. The maximum class size is 5 or 9 students per class – smaller than at most schools - depending on the course. You can learn Spanish on an ‘Intensive’ Spanish course of 20 lessons/week, or on a ‘Super-Intensive’ Spanish course of 30 lessons/week. Our school also offers ‘Reduced Group’ Spanish courses, with a maximum of just 5 students per class.


You can choose to stay in carefully selected Spanish host families, shared student apartments, or else in private studio apartments. The studio apartments are located just a short walk from the school, in the very centre of Madrid. If you want to learn as much Spanish as possible during your stay in Madrid, you should consider staying with a Spanish host family, as you will then practice with the family the Spanish that you learn on the course.


Our school in Madrid organizes full-day weekend excursions to Salamanca, Segovia and Avila. Four free ‘culture lessons’ per week are also provided by the school, as well as an extensive program of visits and activities – all designed to help students enjoy their stay in Madrid and practice the Spanish that they learn on their course. These visits include guided walks to places of interest within Madrid, museum and theatre visits, tapas tours with teachers and parties at the school.

Location of our school in Madrid (Retiro Park)

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