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English course for Young Students in Los Angeles, USA
(14-17 years)

Programme includes
  • 20 English lessons per week
  • Full board, on-site accommodation in a shared room
  • Activities each day
  • Day trip every Sunday
  • All course texts

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Our English language school occupies a local university campus in the prosperous neighbourhood of Westwood, close to our adult school. The campus has superb facilities, including on-site accommodation, swimming pools, basketball courts, gyms, computer rooms, libraries, student lounges and free wireless Internet access.


Taking 20 English lessons per week, your level of English will quickly improve. Your classmates will have the same level of English as yourself, so you can all progress together. People from all over the world take this English course for Young Students in Los Angeles, so you’ll learn about lots of different cultures as you learn English!


On-site accommodation will save you the hassle of travelling to class each day. It also means that you’ll have easy access to the school’s excellent facilities, including its swimming pools. Included are three meals every weekday, as well as two meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.


Students are allowed to leave the group in their free time, provided they have the consent of parents. At all other times, school staff carefully supervise students. Older students are given more independence than younger students.


During the week, daily activities are organised, typically including sports, watching Hollywood movies, guided tours and trips to the beach. Full day excursions are arranged for the weekend, so you can enjoy beach parties with classmates, hunt for bargains at enormous shopping malls, or experience the thrills of Universal Studios and Disneyland. All the while you can practice your English with classmates and locals, improving your language skills hour by hour!


This course is ideal for anybody aged 14 to 17 who’d like to learn English. L.A. is a city of constant activity, which Young Students will find endlessly fascinating.


If you like, our school can collect you from Los Angeles International Airport, taking you directly to the school campus. Please be aware, however, that this service carries an additional charge.

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