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A day at the Viareggio Carnival!

Have you ever experienced a carnival, Italian style? Well, I have been to the one in Viareggio and I would definitely go back!

Even though it is a small place, Viareggio is well known throughout Italy for its fantastic beaches which attract lots of tourists every summer.

However, Viareggio isn’t known only as a place for relaxation! It’s also full of fun, colours and tradition! Viareggio is famous for its carnival, which takes place in the period preceding Easter.

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Roaming around Italy’s capital city – my week in Rome

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius.’

I think it was seeing the film ‘Gladiator’ which first set me thinking about a trip to Rome (if you’ve not seen the film, hire it out – it’s fantastic!).

I have always been interested in history, but when I first saw the scenes in the Colosseum, with the cheering crowds and the gladiators fighting to the death on the blood-soaked sand under the baking Mediterranean sun, my imagination was fired!

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Where to go surfing in Tenerife!

I’ve lived in Tenerife all my life. Tenerife has some world famous beaches.

However, listen closely as I’m going to tell you about other beaches…you know…the ones you may not be so familiar with! These are the beaches on the north of the island – they’re very different to the beaches in the south, which are busy with tourists.

Yes, I am going to tell you about the beaches with real black sand, the ones that are off the beaten track, and are much more worth a visit, especially if you like surfing!

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Become a Pirate of the Caribbean in Guadeloupe!

The first thing that hit me when I went to Guadeloupe was the heat! Stepping off the plane, and walking down the tunnel to the terminal my first thought was that someone had left the heating on. Then I saw that the windows were open and realised that this was how it was going to be for the duration of my stay and I had better get used to it!

To be honest, after a couple of days I did start to get used to it and it wasn’t a problem at all (in fact, it made a pleasant change to life in the cold and grey UK!). My bedroom had a fan to keep me cool at night, there is always the possibility of swimming in the clear blue sea. What’s more, the numerous bars along the beach mean that there is no shortage of ice cold drinks.

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My fortnight of fun in Nerja, on Spain’s Costa del Sol!

I had the chance to take a Spanish course in Nerja, a beautiful Andalusian coastal town in southern Spain. Actually, I didn’t even know that this town existed until some friends of mine were in Nerja some months before.

Located just one hour from Malaga, Nerja combines all the best characteristics for a person who wants to learn Spanish or just see Spain. The school is very nice, the teachers and staff at the school are friendly and approachable and helpful…and all of this, whilst enjoying Nerja’s secluded beaches, friendly people and continuous sunshine!

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