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Special Olympics in Shanghai!

The other night I was sitting at home, wondering what to watch on TV. To my surprise, instead of news, the opening ceremonies of the Special Summer Olympics for 2007 was on. Shanghai was hosting this event. The whole event lasted 3 hours and was an incredible show of music, dance, entertainers and of course the athletes who were here to participate…7,000 of them!

What a spectacular event it was. Every country was represented, and they all proudly walked into the stadium as they called their country, walking behind their flag that was being carried just in front of each group. The athletes all dressed in their uniforms, some matching the colors of their countries’ flag, while others were wearing more ethnical clothes. I was so impressed at the organization and the amount of work that went into the opening night ceremonies. Many volunteers worked at the event to help make it happen and keep the cost down.

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The market in Antibes is the most beautiful and interesting I have ever seen! There are stalls of herbs and spices, traditional baskets, meats, cheeses and all the things you would expect to find. The fruit and veg is so fresh and colourful, nothing like the stuff you get in supermarkets back in the UK. You can even smell the tomatoes as you walk by!

There are herbs from Provence that are so good, my dad bought several packets because he so fell in love with the flavour last time he was in Antibes! The people are friendly and passionate about their produce, and it was very interesting practicing my rather shaky French with these lovely locals.

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Loving life (and work!) in Antibes, France

I just finished my work exchange program in Antibes, and oh, what an experience…

Living in Antibes feels like living in a painting: little coloured points on the left, the “Fort Carré’s” covered lights on the right: the best place to take a midnight swim! It is true, the night in Antibes is absolutely unique.

I came here for an exchange program with the school in Antibes. The exchange program consists of exchanging working hours for accommodation and French courses.

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Live it, see it and taste it all in Barcelona!!!

I have been at the school for two weeks now on the intensive course and i love the teachers. The weather has been great so we had classes in the school garden which was great. it was nice to be out in the lovely garden and learning spanish.

In two weeks I havent done everything because there is just so much to see and do in barcelona, that its so good to stay here a long time so you can really get to know the city but for a short time you also get a great taste for how it is here. Barcelona has so much to offer. also im staying in the student resudence which is amazing and right in the centre.

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Paris – the most beautiful city in the world

I had always known that Paris was a magnificent city, but it was only upon my arrival at the school to take French lessons that I began to understand why Paris is called “the most beautiful city in the world”!

How lucky I am! Now, freshly put up in my typically French host family, I am on my way to school. Arriving by underground, bus or on foot, I discover that school is situated in a traditional building, at the very centre of Paris, near to the Louvre, in a vibrant area with many different types of restaurants…

I am welcomed by a dynamic, professional and friendly team. Then now, after the presentation of our classes, here I am in the school cafeteria, which is decorated like a real Parisian bistro, chatting confidently with a teacher.

After that, I greatly enjoyed myself answering a cultural quiz with all the other students. It’s a very communicative way to learn!

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Alghero – a Sardinian Paradise!

Ok guys (and girls!)… Close your eyes for a second and follow me…

Think of a wide, white sandy beach lapped by a crystal-clear blue sea. Imagine the crunchy feeling of delicious tasty seafood in your mouth, the intense scent of rosemary and the bright red colour of coral. Your senses are going to explode!

Perhaps you are thinking that I am describing an exotic Caribbean destination, located a thousand miles away from Europe. But you’re wrong! I am dreaming of Alghero, a little paradise situated on the northern coast of Sardinia where I spent an unforgettable time this summer!

Every day there was something exciting to do: a boat tour along the coast to discover the beautiful “Grotte di Nettuno”, a visit to the natural caves with amazing stalagmites and stalactites, an excursion to visit one of the “nuraghi” (prehistorical buildings) or, of course, simply relaxing on the beaches.

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Rome – a city of culture and beauty!

I’ve just come back to Rome after studying Italian last year for 2 months in this beautiful city. It was a great experience, not only because I met a lot of nice people from all around the world on the course, but because I was in Rome!

Last year I participated in a photo competition organised by the school and I won the first prize which gave me the chance to come back for another two weeks. So here I am once again in Rome.

After arriving in Rome, I immediately felt at home. Even though Rome is the capital of Italy, it doesn’t feel like a big city. There are so many things to see here, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican and so many other things, but there is more to Rome. If you just walk around the city you will find places that are beautiful and without many tourists. For example I did a “passeggiata” (a walk) with some people of the language school to the quartiere Coppedè. This is a lovely part of the city with some nice architecture.

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