Inside the Spanish school in Buenos Aires

I’d rather be in Salerno!

I’ve been studying at a really nice school in Salerno, in the South of Italy. Originally I wanted to study in Rome but the cost of the course put me off and I decided that the location of Salerno, on the Amalfi Coast, was perfect for a summer course (in fact it’s only just over 2 hours by train from Rome so I managed a weekend visit in any case!).

The city itself is not huge, but there is plenty going on, open-air concerts (usually free!), evening walks along the seafront, local festivals where you can taste the typical food and drink from that village and plenty of great bars and restaurants. It’s amazing how many people are around in the evening – that’s when the city really comes to life in the summer!

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Why I went to Salerno…and why I’m going back!

Having already visited Florence, Venice and Verona in the north, Sorrento and Sicily in the south, I wanted to go somewhere with fewer tourists. I wanted to taste the real Italian lifestyle. I wanted a warm, comfortable climate in a city near the sea. ”Salerno” is perfect for the weather being in the south of Italy it is warm all year round. I stayed in Salerno in May and I was able to go sunbathing!

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