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Spanish Club 50+ courses, Salamanca

With a long history of educational excellence, Salamanca is one of the best locations in which to learn Spanish. Its university, founded in the 12th century, is the oldest in the Hispanic world and the third-oldest in the entire world that is still in operation. During Spain’s Golden Age, the intellectuals of the ‘School of Salamanca’ devised the very first European concepts of human rights, economics, and morality. In later years, the University formulated the world-renowned DELE Diplomas, and it still designs and grades the papers every year on behalf of the Cervantes Institute. Today, this ancient institution is noted for its teaching in the humanities, particularly languages, and it welcomes students from all over the world. It’s not just the university which attracts educational tourists, however - over 25,000 students travel to the city each year to learn Spanish in its prestigious language schools!

Salamanca boasts a huge amount of history - so much so that its Old Town is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Settlement in the area was founded by Iron Age Celtic tribes. The Verraco del Puente, a monument which is so symbolic of the city that it features on its coat of arms, is one of the only surviving relics of these ancient people. During Roman times the city was a key trade location, and the money and people travelling in and out of this area made Salamanca a vibrant and exciting place. Though it suffered heavily during the divisive wars between the Moors and Christians, Salamanca blossomed during the Late Middle Ages. Its prestige as an educational and commercial hub attracted nobility not just from Spain but from the rest of Europe as well - so much so that many of the best and most beautiful examples of architecture in the city come from this era. It’s a history buff’s dream!

Salamanca is also a great location for anyone interested in sites of religious importance. It has churches of all shapes and sizes, and not one but two cathedrals! After its university, Salamanca is perhaps best known for its annual Holy Week celebrations. Considered to be some of the most solemn and pious ceremonies in Spain, the rituals practiced at this time of year embody Salamanca’s ancient and highly devout undercurrent. Some of the rites have been performed for hundreds of years, and several of the most famous pasos (wooden floats depicting scenes from the Passion of the Christ) date back to the 17th century! Holy Week encompasses such a large part of Salamantine identity that it is honoured as a Fiesta of International Touristic Interest by the Spanish government.

Despite having the amenities and infrastructure of a large city, the winding streets of the Old Town help to maintain Salamanca’s intimate, small-town atmosphere. Its native gastronomy combines northern, southern, and western Iberian influences and is characteristic to this area of the country. Thanks to average summer highs of 30° C and winters highs of around 20° C, even at its worst Salamanca is a delightful location for a course abroad! Furthermore, local Salamantinos generally only speak Spanish, so it’s the perfect location for maximising your linguistic immersion!

Courses in Salamanca

The Club 50+ programme in Salamanca is designed with the expectations and interests of this age group in mind. There’s a minimum of just 9 students per lesson; this reduced class-size allows more interaction with the teacher and offers a personalised approach that’s guaranteed to help you progress, whatever your experience level. The language of study is the only one used in the classroom and, as such, the focus is on improving conversational skills as well as developing grammar and written proficiency. You will learn to deal with all kinds of real-life situations, such as discussing current news events, completing daily errands, asking for general information, and ordering food and drink.

As well as Spanish tuition, this programme includes a packed schedule of social and cultural activities. In the afternoons and the evenings you can immerse yourself in the culture and local traditions of Salamanca and the surrounding countryside. The social side of your total immersion experience will take you to popular nearby attractions, teach you about local history and customs, and introduce you to the food and wine of the region. You can also benefit from supplementary grammar workshops that will cement the skills learned in your core classes.

On the first day of the course you will have an orientation and welcome meeting. You will have already submitted your written level test prior to arrival; to verify your starting ability level, you’ll have a short oral interview before having your group placement and lesson timetable confirmed. After your classes you’ll have lunch before meeting back at the school in the evening for a walking tour of the city.

Programme includes

  • 20 Spanish lessons per week (1- or 2-week package)
  • Reduced class sizes
  • Comprehensive social and cultural programme
  • Seasonal activities
  • Full-day weekend excursions
  • Student welcome pack
  • Transfer service on arrival and departure


Club 50+ course - Salamanca
Club 50+ course - Salamanca
Club 50+ course - Salamanca
Club 50+ course - Salamanca


If you want to benefit as much as possible from your time in Spain, then you should choose homestay lodging! You’ll stay with local Salamantinos and receive 2 meals each day as part of your accommodation package. This option is highly recommended as it enables you to practice your language skills with your host(s), meaning you can maintain your immersion in Spanish and therefore continue to learn outside the classroom. Special diets, e.g. vegetarian/vegan/halal/kosher etc., can be accommodated for an additional fee. Homestay lodging also gives you the opportunity to experience day-to-day life in the city. Hosts live up to 20 minutes’ travel from the school by public transport and provide your bed linen, towels, and a weekly laundry service. There may be up to 1 other student in the home, depending on the time of year that you travel. Double rooms are available for couples or friends travelling together*.

*Please note that twin rooms are only available to students travelling together. If you book a twin room but are travelling alone, you will be swapped to a single room.

Depending on availability, we may also be able to arrange lodging in a local hotel for you. This is provided on a by-request basis; please contact us for further details.

All accommodation is available from 16:00 on the Sunday before your course starts; you should check-out by 12:00 (noon) on the Sunday after your course ends. We may be able to arrange additional nights on arrival and/or departure for you if needed. Kindly note that we need to know about these as far in advance as possible.


Our Club 50+ course in Salamanca includes a selection of exceptional social and cultural activities, each conducted in Spanish. This approach helps you to continue to excel by maintaining your linguistic immersion and complementing your classroom learning with experience in real-life scenarios. As well as being educational, the activities are designed to be fun and to help you make friends during your time at our language school.

The school aims to provide 4 cultural activities per week. The exact schedule for these activities varies throughout the year but may include:
- Walking tours of the city
- Group activities such as cheese- and wine-tasting
- Visits to local museums and/or art galleries
- Tapas-tasting at the school or evening tapas ‘caminas’
- Spanish film screenings
- Extra grammar, history, and/or culture seminars
- Evenings at a live flamenco show
- Half- and full-day excursions to local towns and cities, including Alberca, Toledo, and Ávila
- Plus seasonal activities as per events happening in the city during the course period

Most of these activities are offered as part of the Club 50+ programme, although some may incur an additional fee to cover entrance and/or transportation costs.


If you’re aged 50 or above and want to improve your Spanish language skills with your peers in an historic city, then this programme is perfect for you!

The package is available to mature students with -A2 B2 Spanish ability level. Class sizes are reduced, ensuring an excellent level of teaching and bespoke attention from the tutor for each student. The rich and varied social/cultural schedule included with this course is sure to be both informative and entertaining, as well as helping you to increase your knowledge of Spanish.

How to get there

Though Salamanca has its own airport, this is only used for internal flights. The nearest major airport is Madrid Barajas Airport, which is around 2.5 hour’s drive from Salamanca.

Included in the course package is a transfer service on arrival and departure at Madrid Barajas. School staff members will be waiting to meet you when you land; once all students have arrived you’ll take a private coach or train to the school in Salamanca with your fellow course participants. If you’ve booked accommodation with us, your host will be waiting for you at the school and will take you to your lodging. On departure, you’ll meet at the school at the agreed time to take the private coach or a train back to Madrid Airport. School staff members will be on-hand to assist with the check-in process.

Due to the nature of this transfer service, you’ll need to ensure that your flights arrive and depart at an appropriate time. Arriving flights should land before 18:00 and departing flights should leave after 12:00 noon. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Students wishing to attend this programme should plan to arrive in Salamanca on the Sunday before the course starts, and depart on the Sunday after it finishes. We may be able to arrange additional nights on arrival and/or departure to fit in with your flights.

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