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French & Cookery in Vichy

Our French & Cookery classes in Vichy take place at our general language school in the city. Located in Allier in central France - an area of rolling hills, lush fields, and verdant forests - Vichy is a great place to learn more about French cooking. The country has a long history of expecting excellence from its meals, and even the earliest cookbooks published back in the Middle Ages placed an emphasis on the colours and formation of a dish, as well as its flavours. Today, the nation’s cuisine is highly renowned the world over and is synonymous with excellence and luxury (after all, there’s a reason that haute cuisine is French!). When thinking of French foods, we often picture uncomplicated and delicious dishes: crusty breads and creamy cheeses; rich garlicky sauces and flavourful meat stews; fresh, delicate vegetables; and - of course - crisp, locally produced wines. ‘Cooking’ in France is more than just following the steps of a recipe, however. From techniques like flambéing and sautéing to specific knife skills and developing an understanding of your ingredients, the practice of French cookery is a holistic experience that will strengthen your confidence in the kitchen and improve your relationship with food.

Our French & Cookery course in Vichy introduces you to France’s most iconic dishes and the techniques behind them, giving you a true taste of French cuisine and an arsenal of delicious and authentic recipes to take home with you. Your French lessons will improve your general language skills, with a focus on developing spoken proficiency. Your cookery lessons are taught on-site in French, helping you to expand your vocabulary as you learn food-based terms. Around these classes, you’ll be able to attend specialised cooking-related activities, which are also conducted in French. As well as being fun and helping you to get to know your fellow students, these activities will teach you the importance of food in French culture.

Cookery course

The French & Cookery programme offered by this school consists of 18 French lessons each week (4 classes per weekday except Mondays) in groups of no more than 15. Language lessons take place between 08:45 and 12:30 and are combined with two 3-hour cookery lessons in groups of no more than 10. A selection of social/cultural activities related to French cuisine are offered in the afternoons and evenings, including half-day excursions to local places of interest.

Tuition is suitable for students of all levels, from complete beginner right up to advanced. You’ll attend general language lessons before attending cookery classes, both held entirely in French.

Package includes:
- 18 Spanish lessons per week
- Two 3-hour cookery lessons per week
- Course materials
- Transfer on arrival at Vichy train station (when booking accommodation)

The French & Cookery course can be taken for 1 week and has specific start dates throughout the year.


Our school in Vichy
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Learn French in Vichy
Residence accomomdation in Vichy


This programme is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning about French cuisine and its importance in French culture. This is a practical course, so you’ll receive hands-on experience cooking traditional French dishes - and, most importantly, be able to enjoy them afterwards! Tuition is suitable for students of any French ability level, from complete beginner right up to advanced.

Please contact us if you are unsure if this programme would be suitable for you; we will be happy to advise you.


The French & Cookery programme includes a selection of specialised activities designed to supplement your French tuition and give you the best possible experience in Vichy. Most will be cooking related, so they’ll help you expand your understanding of French food culture. Activities may vary based on the time of travel and could include:

- Walking tours of the town
- Extra cookery lessons
- Wine-tasting sessions in a local restaurant
- Visits to a local food market
- Half-day excursions to nearby locations like Moulins and Aulteribe Castle
- Plus seasonal activities available in the local area

You are also welcome to attend the sessions offered to all students on the general activity programme if you wish.

How to get there

This French & Cookery package includes a transfer service on arrival and departure at Vichy train station (Gare de Vichy). You will be collected from the train station on arrival and taken directly to your accommodation; on your last day, you will be taken back to the station in time for your departing train.

Alternatively, you can book a transfer package from Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne, Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, or Paris’ Charles de Gaulle/Orly airports. If you book this service, a driver will be waiting for you at your chosen airport when you land and will either take you to the nearest train station or directly to your accommodation in Vichy. If you select this service on departure as well, you will either be collected from your lodging and taken back to your chosen airport or collected from the train station in one of the above locations and driven to your chosen airport in time for your departing flight. Please contact us for more information about the available transport options.

You should arrange to arrive in Vichy on the Sunday before the course starts and depart on the Saturday after the course finishes. We may be able to arrange extra nights on arrival and/or departure for you if needed.

Location of our school in Vichy

Cookery course info - Vichy

Language level requiredAll levels
Duration1 week
Number of French lessons/week18 lessons
Number of cookery lessons/week3 lessons (6 hours total)
AccommodationHomestay host or private apartment (not included)
Transfer availableYes (included at Vichy train station only)
Free Internet AccessYes
Activities programYes
Optional Activities Guided town and market tours, extra cookery workshops, wine-tasting sessions, and half-day excursions to local points of interest.

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* Start dates suitable for complete beginners

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