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Panama is often overlooked in favour of its neighbour, Costa Rica, by students who wish to learn Spanish in a Caribbean paradise, or tropical rainforest. This is, perhaps, because tourism is not yet as well-established in Panama. However, this does mean that those who do choose it as the location of their Spanish course will find an unspoilt, spectacular country that, whilst being tourist-friendly has not lost any of its unique character and charm!

Perhaps most famous for its eponymous canal, Panama has long been a crossing point from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Due to its historical reliance on trade and commerce, Panama is an ethnically diverse country, with an incredibly vibrant culture mixing European, African and Native American influences! Spanish is, of course, the official language and is spoken as a first language by over 90% of the population and, as they are known to be warm, friendly people, the Panamanians are sure to be pleased to encourage you to practice with them! This is one of the many reasons why Panama is such a fantastic location in which to learn Spanish!

Panama is home to the largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere (other than, of course, the Amazon) and offers the most diverse range of wildlife species in Central America. The natural beauty of this country is certainly something that is worth preserving and this is why about a third of the country is set aside in national parks and protected areas.

Our two Spanish schools in Panama really show off the very best that this magnificent country has to offer. Nature lovers and eco-adventure enthusiasts will love Boquete. A charming mountain town in the western highlands, Boquete is the perfect choice for those wishing to combine their Spanish course with activities such as hiking or rock-climbing!

Bocas del Toro, the location of our other school in Panama, is ideal for students who wish to combine Spanish lessons with sun, sea and sparkling white sand! Whether you enjoy surfing, diving or just relaxing, Bocas del Toro fits the bill! The town is also famous for its fantastically vibrant nightlife!

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