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Dutch course in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Bustling, tranquil, historic and cutting-edge, all at the same time – Amsterdam is an incredible city! A Dutch course in Amsterdam will reveal priceless artworks, buzzing bars and clubs, cosy cafés, shimmering waterways and everything else you could imagine! What’s more, Dutch people are renowned for their friendliness, so there’ll always be someone to practice your new vocabulary with.

Amsterdam hosts many fine art galleries and museums, including the Hermitage, the Anne Frank House and the largest collection of van Gogh’s work in the world. Visit the Jordaan district for boutique shops, elegant eateries and fashionable markets. The area around Leidseplein square, meanwhile, is home to popular nightspots and the verdant Vondelpark. Whether you explore the city by foot, bicycle or boat, you’ll soon fall in love with Amsterdam!


Our school offers Private Dutch Lessons in teachers’ homes. As tuition is on a one-to-one basis, your course will be tailored to suit your own specific requirements, and your teacher’s only aim will be to improve your Dutch! Choose 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 sessions per week, depending upon how quickly you would like to progress.

Learning Dutch in the Teacher’s Home, you’ll be able to practice your language skills all the time! You can chat after class, over meals and whilst your teacher shows you the sights.


Your teacher will provide you with a single room, three meals per day and a warm welcome! Living with your teacher is not only very convenient: it also gives you the chance to become completely immersed in the local way of life. Our school will endeavour to match you with a teacher whose background and interests are similar to your own, helping your stay go as smoothly as possible and giving you plenty to talk about!


To supplement your Dutch course in Amsterdam, your teacher will plan a variety of extra-curricular activities. Whether you’re watching Dutch language films, sightseeing in Amsterdam or touring a museum, activities are a chance for you to enjoy yourself and get yet more Dutch practice.

How to get there

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in the world and handles flights from across the globe. Our school offers one-way transfers from the airport, for an extra fee.

The language of Dutch - “It’s another biscuit”

dutchLast year I studied in Brighton for four months and now I am doing an internship in England to become fully immersed in the language. I decided that after two years of studying literature, culture and the language itself, it was time for me to go to England and experience it. I am really glad that I did! When I moved to England I did not know anybody and I was forced to talk in English. Not many people there speak Dutch! This really helps you improve and I really recommend that everybody, as much as possible, learns the language in the country where it is spoken. It really is the quickest and best way to learn! This is why Apple Languages offers Dutch language courses in Amsterdam!


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