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There are many ways to learn Japanese, but the quickest and most effective way to improve your language skills is to study in Japan and to practise it with the locals! Since over 99% of the population are native Japanese speakers, you’ll get invaluable language exposure and practice during an immersive course at one of our schools. With learning centres in Tokyo , Fukuoka, and Kyoto, we can offer you a dynamic and interesting language experience and in-depth insight into authentic Japanese culture, wherever you study. If you’re unsure about which location would be right for you, you can visit them all on our Discover Japan package!

Spoken by 128 million people, Japanese is most used in Japan itself, though you will hear it spoken in Japanese communities the world over and especially in countries like the United States, Australia, and the Philippines. The increasing global fascination with Japanese popular culture - its music, fashion, television, manga/anime art, etc. - has made the study of its language more appealing. Now, over 4 million people study Japanese worldwide, whether for work or for pleasure, and this figure is constantly rising. Despite having a reputation for being a ‘difficult’ language, Japanese is actually relatively simple. There are no articles, nouns have no grammatical number or gender, and verbs are conjugated for tense and voice but not for person - compared to other languages, then, Japanese is almost easy!

During your Japanese adventure, you’ll find yourself ordering sushi, asking for directions from the locals, chatting with your fellow language students, and visiting places of interest in the city of study - your skills and your comprehension of the language will improve faster than you can imagine! It doesn't matter whether you’re completely new to learning Japanese or you already have an advanced understanding of the language; you’ll be placed in a group with other students who have the same knowledge as you do, thus ensuring as much development as possible. You can study for as long as you like and either book accommodation with us or source your own lodging.

For more information on our Japanese language programmes, please read on. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details of our language schools and the packages available.

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