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As the world’s oldest extant language, with a documented history spanning 3,500 years, Greek has been hugely influential to Western civilisation and culture. It was used in the earliest mathematical, political, scientific, philosophical, and religious texts, including Euclid’s Elements, Ptolemy’s Almagest, and the Old Testament. As the Ancient Greeks conquered huge parts of Europe and East Asia, their language served as the vehicle by which many Eastern ideas and teachings travelled West. Greek also forms the foundation of many modern languages, given its long-standing prestige as a language of high culture and intellectualism. To learn Greek is to gain an insight into the meaning of words in a variety of different languages and the relationships between them. This knowledge will also enable you to tap into the fascinating culture of one of the world’s oldest civilisations.

Today, the language is spoken by 13 million people, mainly in Greece and Cyprus but also in the large Greek diaspora. You’ll find it spoken in Europe, the Americas, Russia, Asia Minor, and Australasia, so your language skills gained on one of our Greek courses will allow you to communicate with people everywhere. You can study with us in Athens - cosmopolitan capital of Greece and home of the Attic dialect, on which modern Greek is heavily based - or in Chania on the beautiful island of Crete. Wherever you choose to study, you’ll attend immersive classes that will have you speaking with confidence in no time.

One of the main reasons our students want to learn Greek - aside from being able to communicate when they visit this magnificent country - is to find out more about Greek history and culture. Both the mainland and the islands which make up the modern Greek state are brimming with amazing and ancient artefacts, and you’ll have the opportunity to visit many of these as part of the cultural activity programme offered by our language schools. You’ll truly be spoilt for choice in Athens; this 3,000-year-old city is home to sites like the sprawling Acropolis, the Ancient Agora - the seat of Classical Greek government and the birthplace of democracy - and the stunning Panathenaic Stadium, the world’s only marble arena. In Chania, you can walk the narrow streets of the ancient old town - where you’ll find a selection of churches from different periods of the city’s past, many adorned with beautiful and intricate frescoes - and visit the archaeological museum to find out more about the city’s importance during antiquity.

Another key aspect of Greek culture which appeals to our students is its cuisine. Like many Mediterranean societies, meals here present the opportunity to spend time with family and friends and are thus a highly social occasion. Greek food is favoured the world over, but nowhere is it better than in Greece itself - after your lessons, you can sample crispy spanakopita, sweet melomakarona, and rich giouvesti to experience a true taste of Greece. Something else you’ll see when you attend one of our Greek courses is traditional music and dance, which still play a key part in day-to-day life. No festival, party, public holiday, or family gathering would be complete without the fast-paced kalamatianos, and you may even get to learn the steps during the activity programme. All these things will give you a deeper understanding of the Greek way of life, which will in turn help to strengthen your language skills.

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