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Learn Italian, the language of culture, art, music and, of course, food! Italian is a truly beautiful language to speak, which is hardly surprising when one considers the natural beauty of the land in which it is spoken.

Originally developing from what is known as ‘Vulgar Latin’, the Italian spoken today comes from the dialect spoken in 14th Century Florence by Dante Alighieri (often referred to as the ‘Father of the Italian Language’) and his contemporaries.

Largely created as a language of poetry, this was further developed by other literary and political characters throughout the peninsula, eventually evolving to become the Italian spoken in the Bel Paese today.

As we offer Italian courses in many locations throughout Italy, we are confident that we have something just right for you! You could choose to study in the historic capital city, Rome, or the fashion capital, Milan! We also have schools in Florence, which is famous for its literary, artistic and cultural heritage. Venice, of course, is known for its incredible network of canals and Naples is home of one of the world’s best loved dishes, the pizza! We have schools in all these locations, as well as many more!

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