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With 80 million native speakers, over 150 million second-language speakers, and 62 million worldwide learners, French comes second on the list of ‘global languages’. Before English, it was the go-to language of worldwide diplomacy and communication for centuries, and it’s still commonly used as a lingua franca between people from different backgrounds. In countries where it’s studied in high numbers, people who learn French are thought to be more sophisticated, to be more likely to attend university, and to have better job prospects than those who don’t. Its prestige has earned it the rightful position of official or co-official language for numerous international organisations including the United Nations, NATO, and the European Space Agency. It’s one of the fundamental languages of journalism, the justice system, and academia, and is consistently ranked as one of the most useful languages for business. What’s more, based on projected development in areas with significant Francophone communities like Sub-Saharan Africa, French is considered by many to be the language of the future!

Avoid being left behind and attend one of our French courses in France, Canada or Guadeloupe. Whether you prefer the beach, the countryside, or the city, we’ve got the study location for you! Our experienced and friendly teachers will help you improve your skills regardless of your starting ability level, while activities after class will give you extra language exposure and the opportunity to practice French with local native speakers. This approach is a proven way of guaranteeing as much progress as possible, however long you study for.

Globally said to be the language of love, of fashion, and of perfectionism, French is an official tongue in a total of 29 countries. As well as parts of neighbouring Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy, it’s spoken in Canada, several US states, French departements in the Caribbean and South America, and ex-Empire countries like Algeria, Senegal, and the islands of French Polynesia. Its far-reaching spread has contributed to its importance and, as such, French is the second-most-studied language on Earth. It’s also vital for international relations, being shared by the 88 member states of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (International Organisation of the French-speaking world). This association aims to promote positive relationships between French-speaking countries and to preserve international French culture.

This culture is closely linked to the language. French people are well-known for being fiercely proud of their mother tongue, and there’s even a 400-year-old organisation dedicated to the promotion and regulation of French: the Académie Française. The language is and has long been intimately connected with people’s sense of nationality and community, so this sense of pride carries over to French literature, which is internationally renowned. In fact, more French authors have been awarded Nobel Prizes in Literature than authors from any other country! By attending one of our French courses, you can tap into this cultural legacy and read classics like The Count of Monte Cristo and Les Misérables in their original language and unfold new layers of meaning.

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