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Here at Apple Languages, we understand that choosing the right location, school, course and accommodation can be a difficult, yet vitally important decision when arranging a language course abroad. Being able to speak to someone that has first-hand experience of both the location and the school will really help you to make an informed choice as to where to take your German course. We visit our schools regularly, so that we can provide you with this expert advice. We love talking about our trips, so please do contact us and ask to speak to someone who has visited the location you are interested in!

German is an extremely important language, especially in European terms. One of the most widely spoken languages in the European Union, German is, of course, the official language in Germany and Austria, but is also one of the three official languages in Switzerland. Germany is also spoken in Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, as well as in some regions of Italy and Belgium. Historically too, German has been an influential language in Europe. As the language of the Habsburg Empire, German was spoken throughout large areas of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our German courses are offered in many locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our wide range of high-quality courses offer total immersion in the German language, ensuring that you make as much progress as possible during the time you have available. Most courses start every Monday, and you can choose to study from 1-36 weeks or more!

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