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As the mother tongue of what was once one of the planet’s most important countries, Portuguese has been hugely influential to the wider world. The sea-faring nation of Portugal was instrumental in the European Age of Exploration, leading significant discovery missions that have connected the continents and setting up worldwide trade routes. Portugal’s naval practices during this time vastly improved nautical techniques, navigational methods, and cartography to an almost unparalleled extent. This key role in global expansion put Portugal at the forefront of an empire which stretched from the Americas, across Africa and Europe, and out to Asia and Oceania. The medieval explorers took their language with them, establishing colonies and communities that have gone on to become countries. Portuguese is now spoken by around 220 million people as their first language, with a further 30 million across the globe speaking it with some degree of fluency. When you learn Portuguese with us, one of the many benefits you will gain is being able to communicate with all these people. What’s more, as a Romance language Portuguese is closely related to French, Spanish, and Italian, so it’s very easy to understand for anyone with prior knowledge of these forms.

When you attend one of our Portuguese courses, you can choose to study the European form - offered in bustling Lisbon, historic Porto, and idyllic Faro - or the Brazilian form, offered in vibrant São Paulo and colourful Salvador da Bahia. Though very similar, these two types of Portuguese have distinct elements that separate them, thanks to the unique cultures of the countries where they are used. Wherever you choose to study, you’ll learn about these differences and about the history and customs of the region. This will give you a well-rounded understanding of the language which will help you to progress rapidly, regardless of how long you study for.

Portuguese is spoken in numerous countries: it’s an official language in Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde, a co-official language in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and the Chinese region of Macau, and is used extensively throughout the worldwide Portuguese diaspora. It is most-spoken in Portugal and Brazil, however. In these countries, over 90% of the population speaks Portuguese as their first language, making them both excellent locations for your immersive learning experience. These two countries might share a language, but they have vastly different cultures, which you’ll find out more about when you learn Portuguese with us. All our language schools offer an exciting range of social activities after class, which will help you get to grips with local culture, history, and customs which will, in turn, significantly improve your language skills!

In Portugal, you’ll discover beautiful and ancient architecture and artefacts from the very earliest eras of the country’s past. You’ll find out about European café culture while you sample treats like papos de anjos (‘angel’s chests’), barrigas de freiras (‘nun’s bellies’), and the famous pastéis de nata (‘nativity cakes’). You’ll visit galleries and museums to see some of the best examples of Portugal’s long and rich artistic tradition, and you’ll hear authentic fado, music that’s guaranteed to give you that characteristically Portuguese sense of saudade. In Brazil, meanwhile, you’ll try your hand at capoeira and learn local dance styles including samba, axé, and forró. In Salvador you can take part in an exciting range of water sports, while in São Paulo you can explore the upscale neighbourhood of Jardins and enjoy its energetic nightlife. In free cookery classes, you’ll discover the secrets of dishes like rich feijoada, tasty coxinha, and sweet brigadeiros, enabling you to impress your friends and family with new recipes when you get home. You’ll also learn more about Brazilian society, an interesting melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities which defines the country. You’ll discover all this and more on our Portuguese courses - so what are you waiting for?!

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