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Examination Preparation Courses


If you are preparing to sit an A-Level exam, you can choose to take one of our A-Level revision courses, offered in some of our French and Spanish locations. These courses last for durations of 1-4 weeks and take place on specific dates throughout the year, often coinciding with half-term dates and Easter or summer holidays. Several of these courses are also designed to cater for students preparing for the Irish Leaving Certificate or the International Baccalaureate.

Our A-Level revision courses cover all main aspects of the target language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and specifically concentrate on revising the relevant French or Spanish language skills that students need to pass the French or Spanish A-Level exam/ Irish Leaving Certificate/ International Baccalaureate.


You may want to take a language course in order to prepare for a specific exam, such as the DELE (Spanish), DELF/DALF (French), CILS/CELI (Italian), or ZMP/Zdaf/DAH (German). Our schools offer Examination Preparation Courses which are specifically designed to prepare you for these internationally-recognised exams, with the aim to help you reach the level needed for your exa,bm in the desired language.

Find out more about our DELE, DELF, CILS and ZMP preparation courses!


We also offer IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses at many of our English schools, which help students prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL exams for work, migration or study purposes. These courses aim to develop the four main language skills that are covered in these exams (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and focus on how to apply these skills in everyday situations, particularly within an academic and professional context.

Cambridge Exam

Cambridge English offer a wide range of exams that are recognised by thousands of universities, governments and employers worldwide. If you need to pass a Cambridge English exam to work, study or simply live in an English-speaking country, you may wish to take a Cambridge exam preparation course at one of our schools. The main purpose of these courses is to prepare you for your relevant Cambridge exam, improve your general level of English and facilitate communication in real-life situations.

If you are studying for an exam in any of the languages that we offer, you would also be welcome to attend an ‘Intensive’ or ‘Super-Intensive’ course at any of our schools. These courses are offered at an appropriate level for anyone preparing for these exams, and aim to build on existing skills whilst improving the general language level of students.

If you are taking a course to prepare for a particular exam, it is especially important that you choose the right course for you. So, please contact us with your questions.

Our experienced language travel advisors know our courses well and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.