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As the most widespread language on the planet, there are countless reasons to learn English. A working knowledge of the language is required for many global industries - including medicine, law, travel, business, science, and mass entertainment - and it’s spoken in a whopping 118 of the world’s 195 countries. Its popularity and far-reaching influence means that English often serves as a lingua franca between non-native speakers, and it’s even one of the two official languages of space! Our English courses won’t just help you get a job or understand the road signs whilst you’re on holiday - they’ll also help you communicate with the world.

With schools in England, Ireland, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Australia, Malta, and South Africa, we can guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by the language wherever you study, enabling you to learn faster and more efficiently. What’s more, we can also guarantee you immersive experiences in some of the most excellent and exciting cities on Earth!

As with most languages, modern-day English reflects the history of its country of origin: England. The core vocabulary and syntax of English is primarily Germanic, which was brought to the island from mainland Europe by the Anglo-Saxons and Danes. Significant Latin influence was felt in this time, too, thanks to the Catholic Church, whose texts and masses were exclusively given in Latin. The later Normandy Conquest brought French to England, and because Norman was spoken primarily by the elite ruling classes, this influence is seen in ‘educated’ or technical vocabulary relating to politics, legislation, and social hierarchies. In fact, the Norman impact was so profound that French-origin words make up a third of the modern English lexicon!

Because of England’s historical role in global politics, English is everywhere. Today, it’s an official language in 67 nations and formally used by numerous global organisations including the European Union and the United Nations. English also dominates the Internet, being used on over 55% of the 10 million most popular webpages. If you learn English you can watch Hollywood films, read literary masterpieces in their original form, and do business in almost any country with almost anyone. It’s not just that English affects the world, however - the world affects English, too. In native-speaking communities in Asia, Africa, and Australasia, local dialects have shaped modern English usage, while social media and worldwide broadcasting have helped to disseminate once purely American forms into regular mainstream usage. There’s only one way to keep up with these changes: attend one of our immersive English courses in a country where it’s spoken as the first language! You’ll soon be speaking with confidence.

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