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Spanish courses

Learn Spanish on one of our Spanish courses in Spain or South America! Our Language Travel Advisers take every opportunity to travel to our partner schools in Spain and throughout Latin America, from Cuba, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic in the north, to Argentina in the south. We will be happy to share our experiences and local knowledge with you, to help you choose where to go and which course and type of accommodation would suit you best.

Spanish is an Ibero-Romance language that has more native speakers than any other language except Mandarin Chinese. It is the fourth most widely studied second language in Western Europe, and, thanks to its dominance in Latin America, is also arguably the most widely spoken language in the Western Hemisphere. Standard Spanish is sometimes called Castilian (castellano in Spanish) after the region in which it originated, and this is the form of the language which is taught in all of our schools, regardless of the location.

Our schools are located throughout Spain, from large, historic cities such as Madrid, Seville and Barcelona, to small towns with stunning beaches, such as Nerja and Conil de la Frontera. We also offer Spanish courses in many locations throughout South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Uruguay!

Our courses are suitable for students of all levels, from complete beginner to advanced, and most start every Monday! You can study for durations of 1-36 weeks or more, and as we offer a wide variety of courses to suit all requirements, we will certainly have a course for you!

Whether you choose to study in Spain or South America, you will be taught by native speakers who all have both a university degree, and a qualification in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We select all our schools very carefully, and therefore you can be sure that you will be taught in small groups, and that your teachers will use modern teaching techniques, to ensure that you make as much progress as possible during the time you have available.

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