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Learn German in Zürich, Switzerland!

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You’ll find plenty to do whilst you learn German in Zürich, and plenty of friendly locals to practice your language skills with! Lapped by the waters of Lake Zürich, the city is located in the northern, German-speaking region of Switzerland. A short trip north will take you across the German border and into the beautiful Black Forest, whilst historic Austria lies just to the east. Zürich is not only a great place to learn German, but also the perfect base for exploring Europe!

Our school in Zurich

Our German language school in Zürich occupies a prime position, only 5 minutes away from both the city centre and the shores of Lake Zürich. The school has 9 classrooms, an Internet café with free Internet access and a student lounge where you can relax after class!

School facts 
Lesson length:45 mins
Number of classrooms:9
Average class size:12
Minimum age:16
Course materials included:No
Average number of students: Summer (60) - Winter (45) per week
Disability access:No
Air conditioning:No
WiFi available:Yes
Typical activities:Lakeside BBQ. Local festivals: SECHSELÄUTEN, KNABENSCHIESSEN. Visit to a street parade, chocolate factory, bar tour. Fondue meal. Bike ride. Boat trip.
Paid activities:Entrance to chocolate factory. Bar tour (drinks only). Boat trip.


German courses at our school are taught in small groups (the average size is just 6 students), on an individual basis, or with a combination of both group and Private Lessons. Group lessons give you the chance to socialise with other students and practice your German with them, whilst Private Lessons are entirely customisable. With all courses available at every level, you can study German at our school whether you’re a total beginner or already have a good understanding of the language.

The Standard German course in Zürich consists of 20 group lessons per week, so you can learn German quickly and still have lots of time to discover this wonderful city! For 2 more German lessons each day, choose the Intensive course, which includes a total of 30 lessons each week.

If you want to learn German in Zürich with Private Lessons, you can choose anything from 5 to 92 lessons per week, and you can also decide upon the topics covered in class. Our school’s combined courses offer 20 group lessons each week, plus 5 or 10 one-to-one classes, depending upon your preference.


Get an insight into Swiss culture and use your German all the time – stay with a host family in Zürich! You’ll have 2 meals or just breakfast each day, and the opportunity to practice your German with local German-speakers! Our school takes great care to select only the most friendly, welcoming people to act as host families.


To make sure that you enjoy your time in Switzerland as much as possible, our school organises a variety of exciting extra-curricular activities. In winter, you can go skiing, snowboarding or ice-skating, whilst Lake Zürich is perfect for swimming or sailing during the warmer months! Our school’s activity coordinators also arrange guided tours of the city, museum visits and barbecues!

How to get there

Our school will gladly collect you from Zürich Airport upon your arrival, but please note that this service is not included. The transfer is normally done either by taxi or by your host family.

Location of our school in Zurich
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