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Choose between the Greek capital, Athens, or the beautiful island of Crete for your Greek language course. These two locations are both equally excellent choices and both offer a completely different experience! Historic Athens, once the centre of the Western World, is a stunning city with plenty to offer those that are interested in both the ancient and the modern. Chania, in Crete, is a charming harbour city, with a more relaxed feel. Those that choose Chania will certainly not be missing out on history and culture, and will be surrounded by natural beauty!

Our Courses

Learn Greek with other students of a similar level to you on a ‘Semi-Intensive’ or ‘Intensive’ course, or, if you wish to focus on any specific part of the language, why not take a course of private lessons? We also have options for you if you need to learn Greek for business reasons, or wish to learn Ancient Greek!


Make the most out of your time in Greece by staying with a host family! As your hosts will encourage you to speak Greek with them as frequently as possible, this is certainly the best accommodation option from a linguistic point of view. We also offer shared apartment and hotel accommodation for students who do not wish to stay with a host family.

Our Greek Courses in Greece
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 The course was very well structured and well delivered, the teacher, was exceptional. I learned a lot, even in 2 weeks. 

Athens, Greece
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