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Arabic course in Dubai

Study on an Arabic course in Dubai for an experience you’ll never forget! This is a truly dynamic city, where malls and bars bustle, and impossibly tall skyscrapers and luxury hotels seem to spring up overnight. Dubai is a paradise for shoppers, with shopping malls the size of small cities, as well as atmospheric ‘souks’ (bazaars), where you can use your Arabic language skills to negotiate a bargain! It’s also a great place to unwind. Bask on Jumeirah Beach, with the famous silhouette of the Burj al Arab hotel out to sea; take a camel ride amidst spectacular sand dunes; or enjoy a dinner cruise on a traditional ‘dhow’ (sailboat).

You’ll be able to sample a vast array of cuisines whilst you learn Arabic in Dubai, from Moroccan to Mexican, Turkish to Thai. Dubai offers everything you could imagine: great scuba diving, majestic mosques, dazzling nightclubs, superb golf courses and even an indoor ski resort!

Our school in Dubai

Improve your Arabic in no time by living and studying in your teacher’s home! Not only will you benefit from the undivided attention of your teacher during classes, but you can also practice your Arabic once your lessons have finished. Choose 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 hours of Private Arabic Lessons per week, depending upon how quickly you’d like to progress and how intensive a course you require.

Our school will match you with a teacher who has a background and interests that are similar to your own, based within easy reach of the centre of Dubai.

Courses in Dubai

Available courses

    Delve deeper into the history and way of life of the region with the Arabic & Culture course! You’ll visit Dubai Museum and the glistening Gold Souk, cross Dubai creek on a traditional abra boat and enjoy a desert safari. The course includes 10 hours of classes, all entrance fees and transportation.

    Join our school’s Arabic & Skiing course and experience great slopes in this most unlikely of locations! Ski Dubai is an amazing indoor ski resort, just minutes away from sun-drenched beaches. On this course, you’ll have 10 Arabic lessons and three ski sessions each week, with complimentary transportation to and from Ski Dubai.


    Available accommodation

    • Host Family

    As well as being highly qualified and professional, our school’s teachers are also very welcoming and capable hosts, who will prepare three meals a day for you. Accommodation in Dubai is located on the outskirts of the city, or in the Dubai region. Accommodation with a private bathroom is available upon request, as well as executive accommodation, which is of a very high standard.


    Activities are not offered on our ‘normal’ courses in Dubai, although your teacher will always be very pleased to advise you on activities you may like to arrange yourself. Our school does offer special activities programmes, although places are very limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

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    How to get there

    If you like, our school can arrange for your teacher or a private driver to collect you from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah International Airports. Please note that this service carries a supplementary cost.

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    4.0 / 5

    4.0 / 5
    School Staff

    4.0 / 5

    Student reviews & feedback

    H. Dekker

    The course inluded learning the alphabet, which I did not expect. That was great! My host family was amazing! They made me feel at home and took me everywhere I wanted and more. I even got to go to a real Emirati wedding. I also visited some of the touristic sites, but my experience with this family was unique and so much better than what I hoped for! By the way, the food was great too.

    Student stories on our blog

    Dubai, the city of Gold!

    Well, now I know why they call it the city of gold! First of all, they have a famous street where you can only buy gold, gold and... gold, it’s called ironically the Gold Souk! Next to this, they have beautiful and astonishing architectures. You can visit the famous Hotel Burj Al Arab (sailing ship), the remarkable Hotel Atlantis which is build in the sea and the highest building in the world: Burj Dubai (which has opened on the 4th of January 2010). The first time I went to Dubai, I was blown away by the very hot climate, the various cultures and the experience with the high standard of living. It was all very beautiful and sensational. It is a whole different world where you step into, a world where all impossible things are possible. The hotels and shopping malls have amazing architectures! The malls are very large and the inside is even more beautiful. Most designs are made by architects from European and other parts of the world. It is a marvelous playground for them; they can be very creative and design the craziest things which are not possible in their own country Read more...

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