Uluru - Ayers Rock in Australia
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Learn English in Australia – a land of endless possibilities! This is a vast country of wonderfully untamed nature, with modern, cosmopolitan cities dotted around the coast. The ‘outback’, the wild interior of Australia, is home to breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife, unique aboriginal cultures and, of course, the magnificent Ayers Rock.

Australia is blessed with almost constant sunshine, allowing it to produce superb wines. There are more than 7000 beaches where you can soak up the sun, or enjoy surfing and other water sports. Warm, crystal clear waters make scuba diving popular, especially around the beautiful Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

Queensland’s cultured capital, Brisbane, is the setting for one of our English language schools in Australia. Characterised by towering skyscrapers, impressive museums and a laid-back attitude, Brisbane is becoming ever more popular with foreign tourists and Australians alike.

Alternatively, you could choose Sydney as the base for your English course in Australia. Here you’ll find an abundance of beaches, exhilarating nightlife and some stunning architecture. Sydney is Australia’s oldest, largest and most culturally diverse city, simultaneously historic and cutting-edge.

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