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Learn English in Canada and witness a land full of magnificent sights! The second-largest country on Earth, Canada is home to an incredible variety of landscapes, ranging from vast glaciers to fiery volcanoes, bustling cities to untouched prairies. These landscapes play host to fascinating and rare wildlife, including bears, wolves, whales and caribou.

Canada embodies the notion of the great outdoors, offering endless opportunities for leisure activities, including world class skiing and snowboarding. Interrupting the beautiful, wide-open spaces are modern, vibrant cities, where you can discover the Canadian culture and learn English! Cities like Vancouver, and Toronto constantly feature at the top of rankings for world's most liveable cities.

In eastern Canada, we have English language schools in Montreal and Toronto, both cosmopolitan cities rich in history. Montreal lies on the St. Lawrence River, amidst breathtaking scenery, whilst Toronto is a sprawling metropolis on the doorstep of Niagara Falls.

Alternatively, you can choose Vancouver for your English course in Canada. On the Pacific coast, Vancouver enjoys a mild climate and a backdrop of spectacular mountains.

If you like, you can experience more than one of these amazing cities whilst you learn English in Canada. Our multi-stay option allows you to begin your course at one school, and then continue it at one or even two of our other schools.

Please contact us if you're unsure about which location or course would best suit you – we'll be happy to help!

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