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Learn English in Bournemouth

With 10 km of golden, sandy beaches, a new surfing reef and oceanarium, Bournemouth is one of the most popular coastal towns in England and is the perfect location in which to study English! The town itself is also very colourful, thanks to its beautiful floral displays that have, in the past, been awarded the European ‘Entente Florale’. The town also has more bars and nightclubs per square kilometre than London, as well as over 200 restaurants, 3 cinema complexes, 2 major concert halls and a fantastic museum and art gallery. Bournemouth is well-known for its water sports, and hosts many events such as national power boat races and windsurfing competitions.

Our school in Bournemouth

16 classrooms
Student computers
On-site cafeteria
Student parking
Access to school’s online resources
Course materials included
Wi-Fi throughout the building
Member of IALC, English UK, The English Network
Registered Cambridge Assessment examination and ITTC training centre
Accredited by the British Council for the Teaching of English in the UK


Students outside school entrance
Learning English
School computer room
School Library

Housed in a former 19th Century school building, our English language school in Bournemouth has now been modernised to meet the needs of today’s English language student, whilst still retaining its charm and character. There are 16 classrooms, 12 of which have interactive whiteboards, 2 dedicated computer rooms, a library and bookshop. The school also offers wireless Internet throughout and a University counselling centre. As well as all this, the school also has its very own canteen, where you can have hot meals, snacks and drinks in between classes. The school is perfectly located for students in a quiet residential area of Bournemouth; just minutes from the town centre, and very close to the main train and coach stations!

Location: Charminster, Bournemouth
Nearest convenience store: 750 m
Nearest café: on-site!
Nearest metro stop: N/A
Distance from train station: 1.4 km
Nearest bus stop: 74 m (St. Andrew’s Church)
Distance from airport: 8.1 km (Bournemouth Airport)

Courses in Bournemouth

Available courses

    Most students chose a core programme of 20 English language lessons per week. To this you can add one or two additional subjects (4 or 8 additional lessons per week) from the optional programme, which includes subjects such as speaking and pronunciation practice, reading, writing and listening skills, IELTS preparation, Business English, English for Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality, English for media and exam preparation for the Cambridge exams. Our school in Bournemouth also offers private courses, exam preparation courses and academic year courses.


    Available accommodation

    • Host Family
    • Shared Apartment
    • Summer Residence

    Accommodation can be arranged in carefully selected host families on a half board basis, or in self-catering shared student houses. Our recommendation would always be host family accommodation, as this provides full immersion in the English language and culture, and is therefore always the best option linguistically.


    An important part of learning a language is understanding and experiencing the culture. Therefore, our school in Bournemouth offers students a wide range of activities, including lectures, films, music and quizzes amongst many others. The school also puts on a traditional pantomime at Christmas! You can also take part in many sporting activities, such as tennis, aerobics, football, swimming, trampolining and martial arts. The school also arranges regular excursions to other places of interest in the UK, such as London, Bath, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Salisbury and Stonehenge.

        Sample activity programme

    How to get there

    We would be very happy to arrange airport transfers for you, although these are not included in the course prices.

    Location of our school in Bournemouth


    5.0 / 5

    5.0 / 5
    School Staff

    5.0 / 5

    School statistics

    Nationality (%)

    Colombia (5)
    Italy (8)
    Japan (2)
    Korea (12)
    Kuwait (5)
    Saudi arabia (5)
    Spain (9)
    Switzerland (4)
    Taiwan (5)
    Turkey (25)

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    Average ages (June - Aug)

    * Statistics considered correct at the time of publishing

    Student stories on our blog

    Bournemouth: Britain’s best beaches

    This coastal city is often overlooked, but Bournemouth has a lot to offer - not least its weather. It experiences more daily hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the UK, as well as fewer rainy days. Besides this, Bournemouth offers extensive coastline and an interesting centre packed with diverse attractions for you to enjoy during your immersive English experience. Read on to find out what you can see and do in this city and why Bournemouth might just be the perfect place for your English course! Read more...

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