The Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe, French Caribbean
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Guadeloupe, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, is an overseas department of France and therefore considered to be as integral a part of France as any! This means it is part of the European Union and the Eurozone, and the French spoken here is the same as that which is spoken in France itself! However, the environment and culture that Guadeloupe offers is completely unique!

The lifestyle here is much more relaxed and slower-paced than mainland France, thanks, perhaps, to the tropical climate, spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters. The vibrant culture has been strongly influenced by African, European and indigenous cultures and places great emphasis on music and dance! Guadeloupe also has an incredibly strong literary heritage, which makes it the perfect destination for those interested in French literature! Learn French in Guadeloupe and experience the French language through a truly Caribbean culture.

Le Gosier is a charming sea-side town, located on the South of the Grande Terre island in Guadeloupe. This is the idyllic location of our French school in Guadeloupe. With all amenities close by, the school has a stunning seaview as it is just seconds from the beach!

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