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Learn German in Regensburg

The German city of Regensburg lies at the northernmost point of the Danube in the heart of Bavaria, just one hour north of Munich airport. This ancient city, founded by the Romans, has a beautifully-preserved and unique medieval centre which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the Middle Ages Regensburg was one of the most important cities in Germany, serving as a meeting point for emperors, princes, and European ambassadors. The Stone Bridge, the Gothic cathedral, and the Old Town Hall are the most remarkable landmarks from this period. With its buildings dating back two millennia, Regensburg stands out as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and is undoubtedly a great location in which to learn German.

Regensburg is not only a city shaped by history, but also one which hosts 30,000 students from two distinct universities, thereby making it a very lively and vibrant place. Large German companies such as BMW, Siemens, Continental, Osram, and others have established themselves here and made the city one of Germany’s fastest growing and wealthiest areas. Many of these companies are seeking qualified individuals for employment, and our school in Regensburg is the perfect place to learn the language skills needed to make yourself eligible for such positions!

You will find that Regensburg is a very walkable and safe city. You’ll feel immediately at home amongst its narrow streets and picturesque squares in the historic centre. It’s in this gorgeous area that our school, with its on-site residence, is located. The city centre is surrounded by an array of peaceful parks, attracting not only students but also residents for some leisurely downtime in the sun.

Our school in Regensburg

8 classrooms
On-site residence
Registered TestDaF examination centre
Member of IALC and FaDaF
Approved for CSN programmes
Wi-Fi throughout the building


Our school in Regensburg
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Our German language school in Regensburg, founded in 1986, could not be better located - it’s right in the historic heart of the city and close to local attractions such as the cathedral, the City Park, and the St. Ulrich ancient art museum. The school has 8 bright and spacious classrooms, each offering great views over the city. Students benefit from use of the Internet café and free Wi-Fi throughout the building. This well-established language school is also a TELC test centre and a recognised TestDAF institute, providing an ideal place to prepare for any exam you may wish to take. The school also has its own newly refurbished residence in the same building.

Location: Innenstadt, Regensburg
Nearest convenience store: 190 m
Nearest café: 51 m
Nearest metro stop: N/A
Distance from train station: 1 km
Nearest bus stop: 70 m (Gutenbergplatz)
Distance from airport: 97 km (Munich International Airport)

Courses in Regensburg

Available courses

    Most students select to learn German on a standard Intensive course of 20 group lessons per week. These classes have a maximum of 12 participants, allowing for extensive student-teacher interaction. If you want to learn as much German as possible in the time available to you, take the Intensive + Mini-Group course, with 20 standard lessons per week plus an additional 10 lessons a week in smaller groups of max. 4 students. These extra lessons allow for highly personalised attention that will help you to rapidly improve your language skills.

    The school also offers an Intensive + Private course that combines 20 group lessons with 5 or 10 private lessons each week. You can use the private lessons to concentrate on the areas of German that interest you most - perhaps preparing for an exam or learning specific topics that you may need for your work. These one-to-one lessons are also highly beneficial for anyone who feels that they need extra help, such as those who might be struggling with particular aspects of the language. With the prestigious commerce in the region, Regensburg is an excellent choice for a tailor-made Business German programme. Of course, if you want a bespoke lesson package with as much personalised attention as possible, our school can also arrange 20 Private Lessons per week (available outside of July and August).

    Our German school in Regensburg also organises a Teachers’ Course, which consists of 30 lessons a week for two weeks. You will cover general linguistic skills together with the methodology and didactics of communication-oriented teaching. You’ll also learn about German current affairs to update your cultural knowledge. The minimum German ability level for this course is intermediate (B2).

    If you want to take an incredible value long-term language course in Germany, check out our prices for 12 or more weeks of study, or simply contact us for further details.


    Available accommodation

    • Host Family
    • On-site Residence
    • On-site Shared Apartments
    • Studio Apartment

    Our Regensburg school has an on-site residence offering single and double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, as well as apartments and studios, all available on a self-catering basis. The students staying in this residence like to be independent in an international environment, right in the vibrant city centre. The residence is split over two floors, with 38 rooms in total. The building has laundry facilities with a washing machine and dryer, as well as a library full of German literature. You’ll only need to bring your towel from home as sheets and linen are provided. Do note that twin/double rooms are only available when travelling with another student.

    Naturally, our school also offers accommodation in carefully-selected German host families, the ideal way to maximise the linguistic benefits of your stay. You’ll stay with native German hosts with whom you can practice after your lessons have finished, maintaining your immersion in the language and culture and providing you with a deeper insight into the German way of life. Some hosts can offer access to a private bathroom (subject to availability), and most are located within 20 minutes’ travel from the school by public transport. If you’d prefer the independence to cook for yourself during your stay you can select the self-catering option and have daily use of the kitchen. We recommend that you select a meal package, not just because it’s generally more cost-effective than other options but also because you’ll have home-cooked German meals provided by your host each day. You can choose between breakfast-included or half-board packages.


    During your German course in Regensburg you'll discover countless friendly bars, cafés and beer-gardens, museums, theatres, and cinemas. You will also have ample opportunity to visit neighbouring cities such as Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, and Salzburg, as well as local sites of interest such as the incredible Neuschwanstein Castle. The valleys of the Danube, along with three other nearby rivers, are perfect for both hiking and biking. The nearby ‘Eagle Hill’ of Adlersberg, with its home-brewed beer and typical Bavarian dishes, is always worthy of an afternoon visit.

    Our Regensburg school provides an extensive cultural activity programme. The specific schedule varies throughout the year but may include:
    - A guided city tour
    - Lectures on German culture and language
    - Insights into the Bavarian lifestyle that covers cooking, beer-garden visits, and wine-tasting
    - German film screenings in the school
    - Evenings in a local pub with your tutors and fellow classmates
    - Cycling trips and other outdoor activities
    - Visits to local companies
    - Seminars on German politics, history, literature, and cultural affairs
    - Full- and half-day excursions within Bavaria

        Sample activity programme

    How to get there

    To get to Regensburg most students fly to Munich Airport, which is just one hour’s drive from our school. There are regular direct trains and coaches to Regensburg from both the airport and the city itself.

    Students should plan to arrive in Regensburg on the Sunday before their course starts and depart on the Saturday after their lessons finish. If needed, we may be able to secure additional nights on arrival and/or departure to fit in with students’ travel plans - please contact us to discuss this.

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    Student reviews & feedback

    A very positive experience, my first steps at learning German. The organisation of the course was excellent and the welcome from the language school was very warm. Basic German course - class with 4 other students in the morning, individual calsses in the afternoon on 4 days. Morning classes were well structured, afternoon more improvised but made much more progress. Overall good standard of teaching.

    School Staff

    The course was challenging. I made good progress in both speaking and understanding during the two week course thanks to an excellent teacher.

    I really love it. I was amazed by the teacher. The introduction of the grammar was very smooth not intimidating at all. In 5 days I could speak; read and write some German. I hope to go-back soon!

    School Staff

    I felt that the course was excellent and that I have increased my knowledge of the German language. The teacher was well versed and explained everything in a manner which was easily understood. The host family was very accommodating and helped me in every way possible. They conversed with me in German and increased my understanding of the German way of life. The school in Regensburg has an excellent program for students after class and on the weekends. I have attended other courses and this one was the best one of all. The variety of free time programs was excellent.

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    Chinese (37)
    Czech (11)
    English speaking (12)
    French speaking (5)
    Italian (11)
    Japanese (8)
    Polish (5)
    Spanish speaking (11)

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