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Choose to learn Japanese at one of our language schools in Japan and you are in for a truly fantastic experience! You will have the opportunity, on any of the courses that you choose, to really get to know the nation, its culture, the local people and of course, the Japanese language!

Japan is a truly beautiful country, full of fascinating history, breathtaking scenery and friendly people. Japan embraces everything that is stylish, contemporary and in many cases bizarre, as found in the bustling metropolitan and captivating capital city of Tokyo, but it also cherishes very much all of its traditional customs, history and arts.

If you would like to discover today’s Japan, choose to study either at our school in Tokyo, or in the equally as fascinating and welcoming city of Fukuoka, situated on the northern shores of the island of Kyushu.

Read on for further details about each of these locations and about all that our Japanese language schools can offer.

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