English language course in Cambridge
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English language course in Cambridge (20 lessons)


Cambridge is the perfect location for students aged 13-16 years to study English, as it is a city that is incredibly student-friendly, with a youthful spirit that is ideally suited to younger students. It is also a very small and safe city, with many historical buildings and beautiful green parks and gardens. As a city famous the world over for its academic excellence, there really is no better place to study English than in Cambridge!

Our school is housed in beautiful Victorian buildings just 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre. The school has excellent facilities for students including a dedicated learning centre with free email, Internet and wireless Internet access. It also has a garden, student café and there are also indoor and outdoor sports facilities (including a swimming pool) just 10 minutes’ walk from the school!

Courses in Cambridge (20)

The Young Students course at our school in Cambridge consists of 20 English language lessons per week. Lessons are held every day from Monday to Friday. You can choose to attend this course for 2-10 weeks (depending on when you would like to start your course). All the teachers are friendly native speakers, who are very experienced at teaching English as a foreign language to younger students.


Accommodation on this programme is provided in residences which are all located up to 10 minutes’ walk from the school. They each offer single bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and access to the free on-site laundry facilities. Full-board accommodation is included in this package; meals may be served at the residence or at the school depending on students’ daily schedules. Vegetarian diets can be accommodated without charge; other special diets may be available and will incur an additional fee.

School staff members stay in the residence as well, so there is always an adult on-hand to help you if you need assistance. While you will need to travel to the school independently each day, the residential staff will also ensure that you know the best way to get there. Bed linen is included and changed weekly. Since you can reach the city centre in around 20 minutes from all residences, you’ll be excellently placed to explore this historic location in your spare time.

It is possible to arrange your own accommodation in Cambridge if you prefer.


All students will be fully supervised whilst they are at the school, on activities or on excursions. Students will also be supervised in their accommodation either by their host family or by wardens who also live in the residence. All students will be given some unsupervised free time (particularly on Sundays which are free days). All students will also be allowed to go out in the evenings, although they must return to their accommodation by 23.00, regardless of whether they are staying in host family or residence accommodation.


The school offers an extensive programme of activities, including sports, cultural visits and arts and crafts, with daytime activities arranged four times per week. Students staying in residence accommodation will also be offered evening activities every evening, whilst those staying with host families will be offered three evening activities per week. The school also arrange regular excursions to other places of interest in the United Kingdom, including amusement parks, London, Stratford-upon-Avon and Windsor Castle to name a few.


This course is suitable for students aged 13-16 years of all levels who wish to study English in a safe, supervised environment.

How to get there

A two-way airport transfer is included in the course fees if you fly into and depart from London Heathrow or Stansted Airports on Sunday (the arrival and departure day for this course).

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