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French course for Teenagers, Antibes


The French courses for teenagers in Antibes take place during the Easter, Spring, Summer and Autumn school holidays.

In the Summer the school in Antibes uses a French residential college and employs its own teaching, activities, catering and security team providing 24-hour care for the students. The centre has 90 bedrooms, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, cafeteria and an amphitheatre.

Courses in Antibes

Students can choose between the ‘Intensive’ course of 20 French lessons per week and the ‘Super-Intensive’ course of 26 French lessons per week. The additional 6 lessons on the ‘Super-Intensive’ course are taken in smaller groups and are aimed at improving student’s oral skills and confidence in speaking French.

During the summer (July and August) it is possible to add some golf lessons to the ‘Intensive’ course of 20 French lessons. Students choosing this option will have 2 hours of golf training per day (Monday to Friday) in Biot, a small commune close to Antibes. Transport and equipment will be provided. Golf lessons will normally take place in the afternoons, in groups of no more than 8 students of a similar level (from beginner to intermediate).


Students at our summer camp
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The residence and school


For those looking for a total immersion in French culture, host family accommodation is available in Antibes. Students have their lessons, lunch and activities at the residences. All other meals are with your host family. Students share their rooms with another young student. Students will need to travel to the school independently by foot or public transport (maximum 30 minutes by public transport), but hosts will usually take students to the school on the first day, to ensure that they are familiar with the route.

Alternatively, we also offer student residence accommodation, where lessons take place on-site. Staff members also stay on-site, to provide 24-hour supervision and support. There are usually 2-4 students per room, with shared bathroom facilities on each floor.


Students aged 12-15 years are permitted to go out from the end of lunch (approx. 13.30) until the start of dinner (approx. 19.30) but are then not permitted to go out unaccompanied in the evenings.

Students aged 16-17 years are additionally allowed some permission to go out unaccompanied in the evenings provided that parents give permission for this. The exact conditions depend on the type of accommodation chosen:

  • Students aged 16-17 years staying in the residence are usually allowed to go out until 11.00pm one evening per week (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) and until 01.00am on Fridays, Saturdays and on days before public holidays
  • Students aged 16-17 years staying with a host family are usually allowed to go out until 11.00pm on two evenings per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and until 01.00am on Fridays, Saturdays and on days before public holidays

The school runs a shuttle bus from the residences to the town centre and beaches so students staying in residence accommodation can be sure that they can safely return to the residence in time for their curfew.

Please note that the school does take these curfews very seriously and reserves the right to ground students if curfews are broken. Parents will also be notified if students fail to meet their curfew.


A wide range of activities is offered, such as barbecues and themed meals, a range of organised sports, dances, games, cabarets and one afternoon per week is usually spent sailing. During the week a half-day excursion is usually arranged to somewhere nearby such as Monaco, Cannes or Marineland and at the weekends there is usually a full-day excursion to the beautiful Lérins Islands, or Nice. The standard activities programme is included in the course price.

In addition to the standard activities programme, additional optional activities can also be arranged directly at the school. Examples of these additional activities include karting, mini-golf, bowling and guided tours of Cannes and Nice. There is usually an additional charge for these extra activities, which is usually around 5-20 Euros (exact costs will depend on the activity).


A high-standard French course for teenagers with a choice of residence or host family accommodation. Ideal location for 12-17 year olds who want to learn French and be close to the beach.

How to get there

Airport transfers are provided free of charge from/to Nice airport or Antibes train station for students arriving on Sundays and departing on Saturdays.

From Monday to Friday the price is €80 each way.

Location of our school in Antibes

Prices for Antibes

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