German course for Young Students in Josefstal
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German course for Young Students in Josefstal, Germany


Learn German and have a summer to remember in the beautiful Alps, just over 30 miles from Munich! The traditional village of Josefstal, set in a verdant valley close to picturesque lakes, is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoor activities offered by our school. On this German course for Young Students in Josefstal, you’ll not only improve your German, but you’ll also make some great friends as you get a taste of the real Germany! As well as an on-site residence, our school also has a restaurant, barbecue area, volleyball court, table tennis table, pool table and TV room.

Courses in Josefstal

Everyone is welcome to study German at our school in Josefstal, from complete beginners to advanced German language students. The program consists of 20 German lessons per week, each lasting 45 minutes. Between classes, you’ll have a 15-minute break to relax and get to know other students!


Students on excursion
The amazing Castle Neuschwanstein
Students on the course
Incredible views


Living on-site in Josefstal is not only very convenient for your German lessons, but also very safe. You’ll share a room in the residence with 1, 2 or 3 other students of the same gender, with each hall having its own bathroom facilities. Each day you’ll have breakfast, lunch (packed lunch for excursions) and dinner in the on-site restaurant. Afternoon and evening snacks are also provided.


Teachers and school staff stay on-site 24 hours a day, and all activities are fully supervised. Older students are allowed some unsupervised time, but only if they have parental permission.


You’ll have more fun than you could ever imagine on this German course for Young Students in Josefstal! From Monday to Friday, German classes are followed by activities such as swimming, hiking, volleyball, handicrafts, camp fires, school discos and movie-nights. Half day and full day trips are also included, taking in places such as Munich, Lake Schliersee and Castle Neuschwanstein. For a little extra, you can take part in football or tennis sessions as well. German students learning English will join you for all activities, so you can easily make German friends to practice your language skills with!


With on-site accommodation in a small, friendly town, this German juniors course is ideal for German language students aged 7 to 14. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of activities as you improve your vocabulary, immerse yourself in the German culture and make lots of new friends!

How to get there

Upon your arrival, staff from our school in Josefstal will gladly collect you from Munich Airport, or one of its train stations, free of charge!

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