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Learn English in Scotland

Choose an English language course in Scotland and you will have the chance to see and explore a region of the UK that continues to capture the imagination of the whole world, with its extravagantly rich heritage and romantic scenery. In this northern part of Great Britain you can study English, whilst at the same time enjoying the Scottish way of life and the people, who have a reputation worldwide for their generosity, warmth and fun-loving friendliness! The people of Scotland have a long tradition of welcoming new visitors and cultures and as a result, Scotland is a richly diverse, whole-hearted country full of harmony.

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, recently rolled out the carpet for thousands of sportsmen and women and tourists with the 11-day Commonwealth Games in summer 2014 whereas Edinburgh, the country´s capital, where our English language school is located, is a magical city offering something for everyone, from enthralling history and culture, to a vibrant party-life packed with festivals, nearby countryside walks, first class cuisine, or an extensive selection of events, galleries and museums.

Whether you are an artist, literary fan, music lover or an outdoor sportsperson who enjoys hiking in the mountains, you will find it all in Scotland. It is hardly surprising that 50 million people around the world claim Scottish ancestry or want to be part of the big Scottish family!

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