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Learn French in Quebec City

As the cradle of Francophone culture in the New World, Quebec is an incredibly historic city and a fantastic choice of location for your French course! The beautiful cobbled streets of the Old Town (which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985) will take you back in time to the birth of Canada! Quebec is also home to many local and international festivals, expos and art, music and culinary shows all year round, so you will certainly find something there to suit your interests! Study in this magnificent city no matter what time of year – Quebec is a year-round location with four distinct seasons that are all spectacular!

Our school in Quebec

8 classrooms
Multi-media learning resources available to borrow
Course materials included
Member of IMAGINE Education in Canada
Accredited by Langues Canada
Wi-Fi throughout the building
Approved for Bildungsurlaub programmes (various states)


Welcome to Quebec
Private lessons at our school
Walking along the promenade champlain
Place Royale in Quebec

Bordering the Old Town, Nuovo St-Roch is a downtown neighbourhood that offers a wealth of restaurants, bars, cafes and cultural institutions and is the home of our school. Just a few minutes’ walk from Château Frontenac and La Gare du Palais (the train station and main bus terminal) you will be perfectly placed to explore Quebec!

The school’s excellent facilities include 6 classrooms, a student lounge and a small library with DVDs as well as books. You will also have access to the city’s central library, which is located just across the street!

Location: Saint-Roch, Quebec City
Nearest convenience store: 170 m
Nearest café: 100 m
Nearest metro stop: 1.6 m (RTC, Station Cartier)
Distance from train station: 900 m (Gare du Palais)
Nearest bus stop: 190 m (du Pont)
Distance from airport: 13.9 km (Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport)

Courses in Quebec

Available courses

    With a maximum of just eight students per class and 20 French lessons each week, you will learn quickly on our Intensive French course. This course aims to improve your general French skills with a particular emphasis on communication and is conducted in groups of same-level students ensuring that you make quick progress!

    If you want more individual attention from our highly-qualified teachers, why not consider taking a course of private lessons? Or combine 20 group lessons per week with 5 private French lessons, on our Intensive + Private Lessons course.

    Of course, whichever course you choose, you can be sure that you will be taught at the correct level, as you will take a level test on arrival at the school (unless you have informed us that you are a beginner).

    At our school in Quebec, you will be taught ‘International’ or ‘Standard’ French that will allow you to converse with any French-speaker, no matter where they are from! Whilst there are some words and expressions that are unique to Quebec, your teachers will point these out to you as you come across them and this will not hinder your learning of the language in any way. In fact, it will give you a fantastic insight into the richness of a language that has spread across the globe!


    Available accommodation

    • Host Family

    Experience the French-Canadian lifestyle by living with a carefully selected host family during your course! Your hosts will be well-known by our colleagues at the school and will encourage you to practice speaking French with them on an everyday basis. This option is offered on a half board basis, which means that your hosts will provide you with your breakfast and evening meal, giving you even more opportunities to practise!


    Our school in Quebec does not offer a daily activity schedule, but the friendly staff are always on hand to advise students with regards to activities they can arrange themselves.

    Most Monday afternoons are set aside for a free city tour around a significant place of interest, such as Old Quebec, Place Royale, The Citadel, Battlefields Park or a low-cost trip with other students: to the National Museum of Fine Arts, Observatoire de la capital or somewhere else! At the weekend you’re encouraged to explore further afield to places such as Montmorency Falls Park, or even Montreal. Of course, during the winter Quebec is an excellent base for winter sports with guaranteed snow.

    How to get there

    Quebec Airport is just a short journey from the city centre and can be reached by bus in around 15-20 minutes. If you would prefer, we can arrange private airport transfers upon request to take you directly to your accommodation. Please note that the transfer service is not included in the price of the programme.

    Location of our school in Quebec


    4.6 / 5

    4.8 / 5
    School Staff

    5.0 / 5
    Average score for our school in Quebec based on 5 previous client reviews.

    Student reviews & feedback

    My teacher was fantastic. She was really brilliant! All the people of school was really attentive, responsible and careful. I really loved them all!!!!! No doubts that I would like to do another course with that school!!!!

    School Staff

    I found the class size small, suited to my educational needs, the teacher skilled and went above and beyond expectations and the testing process fair and quite accurate. Students were from far and wide making the learning that much richer and interesting. The administrative staff were helpful. I would return to that school, great location with the library across the street and great coffee and restaurants near by. The accommodation was excellent with close transportation and easy access to the school. My room was comfortable with what I needed to study and the house was clean and organized. The other students added to the fluency in French and were lovely. The best part we're the hosts, the Levac's, they went way out of their way to make the experience a fun positive learning experience. Excursions out, excellent meals and patient corrections of French pronunciation and grammar.

    School Staff

    School statistics

    Nationality (%)

    Asie (3)
    Australie (2)
    BrÉsil (4)
    Canada (36)
    Mexique (3)
    Others (5)
    Usa (47)

    Average Student Numbers

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    * Statistics considered correct at the time of publishing

    Student stories on our blog

    Which French do you speak?

    French is such a diverse language and its speakers can prove to be extremely creative. Did you know, for instance, that different French speakers use different words to count, that some of them grow up using French words that have a different meaning to that in Standard French, or that they use different idioms depending on where they come from? Well, if you’re interested to know more about the French spoken outside of France, I gladly invite you to read further. Read more...

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