Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Learn Italian in Pisa

Learn Italian in Pisa, a beautiful Tuscan city with a huge wealth of historical and cultural sights.

18 classrooms
Wi-Fi throughout the building
Student computers
Dedicated study area
Course materials included
Library with multi-media learning materials
Member of ASILS
Registered CILS examination centre
Approved for CSN and Bildungsurlaub programmes
Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research

Our school in Pisa

When you learn Italian in Pisa with us, you’ll study in the historic Sant’Antonio district. This scenic area is home to lots of lovely, tree-lined piazze and beautiful historic palazzi; it’s also filled with shops, bars, cafés, so you’ll be spoiled for choice for what to do when your classes have finished. Just 10 minutes’ walk away on the banks of the river is the Fortezza Nuova complex, a medieval fortress which is now home to a peaceful public garden. The museum of Ancient Ships and the nearby Arsenali Repubblicani events venue are just across the Arno River. The iconic Leaning Tower, meanwhile, can be found just 20 minutes away in the Square of Miracles.

Italian lessons take place in a medium-sized facility with 18 classrooms. A range of student computers are available for extra-curricular study, catching up with friends and family back home, or simply surfing the web. You can borrow multi-media learning resources from the school’s library to complement your language lessons, and use the dedicated study area to complete your homework or prepare for class. The building has Wi-Fi throughout.

Founded in 1981, our Pisa school has almost 40 years of experience in teaching Italian to international students. Its small, friendly team create a welcoming atmosphere, while the facility’s excellent location in the historic Sant’Antonio district make it a desirable study location. The courses offered here are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research; they are also approved for CSN and Bildungsurlaub funding by the Swedish and German governments. What’s more, this school is a member of the national Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language, which ensures a high standard of tuition in all its member organisations. With these credentials, it’s no wonder this is one of our most popular Italian language schools!


Making friends at the school
Italian class at our school
Italian lesson at our school
Welcome reception at our school


As the mother of Galileo Galilei, one of Italy’s most notable sons, Pisa has long been a key centre of learning. This legacy makes it an ideal location for an immersive Italian language course. When you learn Italian in Pisa with us, you’ll see first-hand famous delights like the Piazza del Duomo with its iconic Leaning Tower, discover grand historic frescoes at the Sinopie Museum, and walk the charming narrow alleyways of the Borgo Stretto district. This beautiful city has a large old town that’s largely unspoiled by modern development, giving it a characteristically Tuscan feel. Its street markets and independent boutiques offer excellent opportunities for authentic language practice, while the riverbank is home to bustling bars and vibrant eateries serving delicious local fare. With a packed calendar of cultural events, you can attend a course in Pisa at any time of year and be sure to have plenty to see and do. So what are you waiting for?!

With archaeological remains in the area dating back as far as the 5th century BC, Pisa has been a historic city since even the Roman times. Under the Romans, Pisa was a key naval base thanks to its prominent position on the west coast. Its maritime power only continued to grow and, by the Middle Ages, Pisa was one of the most important naval cities in Europe. History buffs can learn more about this part of the city’s past in the Museum of Ancient Ships, which is just a 10-minute walk from our language school. Another relic from Pisa’s naval legacy is the Piazza del Duomo, which is considered one of the world’s finest architectural complexes. Funded by the city’s maritime prowess, this beautiful medieval square contains the eponymous duomo and its world-famous leaning bell tower. It’s said that Galileo formulated his theory on pendulum movements here after watching the swinging incense during masses. Also called the ‘meadow of miracles’, the piazza also contains an ornate baptistry, a monumental cemetery, the Cathedral Museum, and the Sinopie Museum. Crafts stalls line this huge square, so you buy a souvenir of your trip and test out your Italian with the locals!

Since the Piazza del Duomo is Pisa’s best-known attraction, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is all the city has to offer - but you’d be wrong. This magical place is packed with architectural delights, such as the stunning Santa Maria della Spina church on the banks of the Arno and the gorgeous Palazzo della Carovana in Knights’ Square. Other attractions which are well worth visiting during your time in Pisa are the lovely University Botanical Gardens, the Museo di San Matteo - an excellent Renaissance art gallery - and Palazzo Blu, a brightly coloured mansion which regularly hosts cultural events and art exhibitions. The winding alleyways of Borgo Stretto, meanwhile, offer opportunities for authentic language practice and hours of entertainment. This charming labyrinth of covered walkways and arched arcades is filled with designer boutiques and interesting shops, as well as a great range of lively bars and eateries.

As well as its huge wealth of historical and cultural sights, Pisa also has a youthful feel thanks to its large student population. Many students come from abroad to Tuscany to study Italian, but Tuscany is also popular with native Italian students, so you’ll get to meet people from all over the country when you study here. There is always something going on this city, from parties and shows to cultural events. June’s Luminara festival is perhaps the city’s most famous celebration. At sunset, the street lights are dimmed and over 10,000 candles are lit, creating a truly magical atmosphere. To discover all this and more, book your immersive language experience in Pisa today!

Courses in Pisa

Available courses

    This school’s standard Italian programme is the Intensive course of 20 group classes per week. Lessons take place between 09:00 and 13:00 each weekday in groups of no more than 12. This small class size means you’ll benefit from extensive interaction with the teacher and get lots of opportunities for language practice. You’ll be studying with other adults with the same language ability, which will help you to develop your Italian skills at an appropriate rate. This course is available for 1 - 24 weeks, so you can book as much tuition as you need to get to your desired level.

    For a more rigorous learning experience, book the Super-intensive course and add 10 more group classes per week to your core Intensive programme. In these additional lessons, you’ll focus on grammatical and spoken Italian, enabling you to converse with accuracy and confidence in no time. Since you’ll have more contact time with the teacher, you’ll find that you progress more rapidly than you would on the standard course.

    Please note: if you have little to no previous experience of learning Italian, you must begin your language course on an appropriate date. Feel free to contact us for further information on beginners’ start dates.

    Undoubtedly the best way to improve your language skills is to book private tuition. The standard package consists of 20 weekly one-to-one lessons, though bespoke packages are available. Since you’ll have unlimited interaction with the teacher and an unparalleled amount of language practice, you’ll make incredible progress regardless of how long you study for. What’s more, since you can tailor your lessons to your own specific needs, this course package is particularly suited to those who want extra support with their studies and those who want to cover specialist topics such as business or medical Italian.

    Although private tuition is excellent is terms of the linguistic benefits, it doesn’t offer a very social learning experience. Fortunately, you can combine the best parts of both courses with an Intensive + Private programme! By adding 5 or 10 one-to-one lessons per week to your core Intensive course, you’ll get the extra language practice and teacher interaction offered by private tuition whilst still being able to get to know your fellow students. Your private classes will take place in the afternoon; your exact schedule will be confirmed on arrival.

    If you’re learning Italian because you love the country’s cuisine, our school’s Italian & Cookery package will be perfect for you. On this one-week package you’ll have a 3-hour practical workshop as well as 20 general Italian lessons. In your cookery class, you’ll learn how to make classic Mediterranean dishes such as bruschetta, zuppa Toscana, and tiramisù. This course is available throughout the year and can be customised if you’d like to learn specific recipes. Cookery lessons are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners; students with no previous Italian experience should be sure to begin their general language lessons on an appropriate date.

    Drinking a fine wine with good friends is an important part of Italian social culture. To get an insight into this, select the Italian & Wine-tasting programme and learn how to identify different wines and how to pair them with different dishes. This 1-week course adds a 3-hour interactive workshop to your general Intensive lessons. The programme is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners; students with no previous Italian experience should be sure to begin their general language lessons on an appropriate date.

    Culture vultures will love our school’s History of Art programme, which combines your core Intensive lessons with 4 weekly classes exploring Tuscan artists and their works. You’ll learn more about the best local painters, sculptors, and architects from the Middle Ages and expand your vocabulary as you discuss these works with your class. This 2-week course has set start dates throughout the year and is available to students with at least A2 starting ability.

    On your first day, you should arrive at the school at 09:00. After registering, you will sit written and oral level tests to determine your starting ability. In this way, the school can ensure that you are placed in the most appropriate group for your Italian level. This methodology will give you the best opportunity to improve, regardless of how much previous experience you have or how long you study for. Once you have been assessed, you will be given your course materials and have an introductory meeting with the school team. You will then attend a tour of the city. Your classes will begin on the following day.

    After class, you can take part in the school’s activity programme. At the end of your course, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement which can be used to demonstrate the Italian ability level you have reached during your time at the school.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us today to see if we can arrange a bespoke package for you!

    Special courses in Pisa


    Available accommodation

      If you’re looking for maximum language immersion, you should stay with a local homestay host. All hosts are native Italian speakers, so you’ll be able to continue learning and using Italian even outside the classroom. Our hosts live up to 25 minutes’ walk from the school and all offer private bedrooms* and access to the home’s communal spaces including the lounge and bathroom(s). Rooms are available on a breakfast-included or a half-board basis (half-board includes breakfast and dinner). Special dietary needs can be accommodated for a small supplement (includes vegan, gluten-/dairy-free, halal diets, etc; vegetarian diets do not incur a supplement). Bed linens are included but towels are not, so you should bring your own. You can use the home’s laundry facilities to wash your clothes. Most hosts offer Wi-Fi access, but you should let us know at the time of booking if this is a requirement for you. You will have your own key to come and go as you please, but you must respect house rules and schedules.

      Alternatively, you can stay in a shared apartment with other international students or with a local pisano. When you select this option, you’ll have a private bedroom* on a self-catering basis and share the kitchen, bathroom, and living facilities with the other residents. This is a great option for anyone who wants a social lodging experience during their time in Pisa. Apartments are located up to 25 minutes’ walk from the school. Bed linens are included but towels are not, so you should bring your own. You can use the apartment’s washing machine to do your laundry. Most apartments have Wi-Fi but some do not; you should let us know at the time of booking if this a requirement for you.

      Private apartments may be available on request. Possible apartments vary in size and cost; please get in touch with us if you’d like to explore this option.

      *Twin rooms are only available to students travelling together. If you select a shared room but are travelling alone, you will be swapped to a single room.


      To complement your Italian lessons, our school organises a variety of social and cultural activities to give you hands-on experience of life in Pisa. These activities take place in the afternoons, evenings, and at weekends. As well as being fun and entertaining, they’ll also teach you about Italian history and culture. Since all activities are held in Italian, they have the added benefit of maintaining your language immersion and allowing you to put your newly developed skills into practice in real-life scenarios.

      Many activities are available free of charge, though some may incur an additional fee to cover entrance and/or transportation costs. The exact schedule changes throughout the year but may include:

      - Guided walking tours
      - Visits to popular attractions such as the Piazza del Duomo, the Botanical Gardens, and the Arsenali Repubblicani
      - Aperitivi at the school
      - Group games and sports
      - Wine-tasting sessions
      - Visits to local food and crafts fairs
      - Meals and/or drinks with your class
      - Half- and full-day excursions to local points of interest such as Lucca, Florence, and Cinque Terre
      - Plus seasonal activities available in the city

      How to get there

      Pisa’s Galileo Galilei International Airport is just a 15-minute drive from the city centre. This international airport is easy to reach from many worldwide destinations.

      From here, you can make your own way to your lodging or you can book an airport transfer service on arrival. If you select this service, a driver will be waiting for you when you land and will take you directly to your accommodation. If you select this service on departure as well, you will be collected from your accommodation and taken back to the airport in time for your departing flight. Transfer services are also available from Pisa’s Centrale train station, Florence Peretola Airport, or Florence’s Santa Maria Novella train station.

      You should arrange to arrive in Pisa between 17:00 and 20:00 on the Sunday before your course starts and to depart before 12 noon on the Saturday after it finishes. We may be able to arrange extra nights on arrival and/or departure for you if needed.

      Location: Sant’Antonio, Pisa
      Nearest convenience store: 120 m
      Nearest café: 38 m
      Nearest metro stop: N/A
      Distance from train station: 120 m (Stazione Centrale)
      Nearest bus stop: 46 m (Battisti)
      Distance from airport: 1.8 km (Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport)

      Location of our school in Pisa


      4.5 / 5

      4.2 / 5
      School Staff

      4.6 / 5
      Average score for our school in Pisa based on 25 previous client reviews.

      Student reviews & feedback

      Intensive 20 with Host Family
      School Staff

      The course was great. I was lucky to be assigned to a very high level group with only 4 participants. The learning atmosphere was very friendly and in a right pace. The teachers were very knowledgeable and helpful.

      The accommodation was very good and short distance to school.

      School Staff

      The overall standard of the school was very good. The standard of teaching with three of my four teachers was very high. The accommodation was clean and well equiped. My host was very welcoming.

      School Staff

      Very Interesting course. Enjoyed interaction with other students. The accommodation was excellent, very clean and comfortable. Signora Corruccio very helpful.

      School Staff

      The courses were really ok, we did much interacting and conversation in class.My accommodation was a very nice room with plenty of space!

      School Staff

      Brilliant course, I started with only the Italian I had learned from an audio couse. When I finished I could converse with people on a wide range of subjects. The patience of the teachers and my fellow students was exemplary. I found myself a small house with a garden five minutes walk from the school. Perfect

      School Staff

      Very enjoyable experience, very high standard of teaching, I was provided with a helpful map of Pisa on my first day, easy to make friends with other students, convenient location of school, well-organised.

      School Staff

      I thoroughly enjoyed the classses and the instructor. There was a good blend of grammer and listening/conversation. The atmosphere was congenial and I think my Italian improved significantly. I would not hesitate to return to Pisa

      School Staff

      There was a good mix between grammar based and conversational classes. The teachers and staff were all very friendly and helpful. The school organised various trips for us to go on which added to the experience being immersed in Italian culture; which included a local vineyard, Lucca and Firenze. I had never looked forward to going to school so much before I came here! I only stayed for 2 weeks but I feel as though I learnt so much and it was definitely worth every penny. My host was a very friendly lady who is a great hostess and cook. Every meal time was enjoyable, and it gave the chance to practise Italian as she doesn't speak English. She always prepares big portions of food and some often is left over, meaning no one will ever go hungry if they are staying with her! I thoroughly enjoyed staying in this accomodation, and I wouldn't think twice about coming to stay here again. Every day was a new experience on this course, by the end I was so sad to leave because I made so many great friends with so many people of different countries. The all round experience is absolutely incredible. Before I went I couldn't string 2 words together, but being there improves your confidence so much that you start picking up the language very easily. It is an amazing feeling when you really start to comprehend what people are saying! I am just sad I had to leave behind so many friends, but never mind I can go back next year!

      School Staff

      The school has a very good standard of teaching and organisation. I learnt a lot in a week. Very nice accommodation with a friendly couple. Staying with a family gives you much more opportunity to speak the language. Overall, a very nice experience. I would definitely go again.

      School Staff

      The course was very enjoyable and the tutor was skilful in adapting content for different levels. My accommodation was excellent in all respects. High standard of facilities and friendly, helpful but not intrusive family. Within easy walking distance to school (10 minutes) too.

      School Staff

      The teacher took trouble to meet our declared needs and was very helpful . He devised interesting lessons and we found the use of newspapers and articles particularly helpful, as well as the reading practice we did. We were very pleased with our host family, we were comfortable and had interesting discussions over good breakfasts. We would use this school again, we enjoyed Pisa, finding sufficient to do, good places to eat, and good public transport with which to explore the surrounding area.

      School Staff

      I found the level of study which suited me and the course was educational and good fun. I stayed in a hotel which was a former convent and it was excellent.

      School Staff

      Just want to say a huge thank you to my two tutors, they were real stars! I had a one-to-one intensive course for two weeks and I loved it! To begin with 8hrs a day intensive work was well, intense and the first couple of days I was shattered, but I loved it and now that I'm back in the Uk I can honestly say that I'm missing speaking/listening to Italian for such a large quantity of the day! Lessons were varied and fun and I've taken much from my experience out there in Pisa. The woman we stayed with was amazing, we were so lucky to have been placed with her. She was really friendly and really patient with our language mistakes. She was honest, open and trusting with both myself and the other students that were staying with her.

      School Staff

      I received very good tuition. I styaed with a lively and very friendly lady. She was a great communicator who was more than happy to spend time in conversation.

      School Staff

      A very enjoyable experience which I shall definitely repeat. Excellent accommodation with a couple whose passion was good food and wine. They couldn't have made my stay more enjoyable. The school in Pisa is central and convenient for both buses and trains. Pisa is a relatively small city and bus tickets were cheap. There is an excellent bar just opposite the school.

      School Staff

      Having done one course already earlier in the year I thought I knew what to expect but the course surpassed my expectations - and the group of students I spent time with ensured that I was able to speak italian virtually all the time. I had been told to expect "basic" student accomodation but I couldn't have had better accomodation or a better host.

      School Staff

      The course was excellent - I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot! It was good (after the initial shock!) to 'tune-in' to Italian spoken at the usual, fairly fast rate! The teachers explained everything excellently and the sessions were informative, stimulating, entertaining. I feel much more confident now, though I realise that one week wasn't really enough, most of the students were doing more. Maybe another time, if I can persuade my husband! We stayed with a wonderful host family. They were friendly, welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable ... and generally delightful to be with. They are both very busy people, but were unfailingly sociable, helpful and relaxed in our times with them. I hope that we shall keep in touch.

      School Staff

      The lessons were good and well structured, the materials were also good.

      School Staff

      I must thank the teacher for her expertise and energy. I am a teacher myself and recognise an expert! It was good to learn the formal structure underpinning the language as well as vocabulary. The teachers made every effort to ensure we were stretched and placed in the right class and there was lots of opportunity to review progress and change classes if necessary;an excellent and professional set up in Pisa. It was simple but comfortable and very close to the school as I requested. My hosts fed me very well and were concerned to help me with my Italian. I felt very happy with them. I had a great time and will certainly repeat the experience.

      School statistics

      Nationality (%)

      American (6.5)
      Austrian (14.7)
      British (6.5)
      French (4.3)
      German (11.8)
      Japan (10.9)
      Others (21.2)
      Polish (3.1)
      Russian (7.6)
      Spanish (5.4)

      Average Student Numbers

      Average ages (June - Aug)

      * Statistics considered correct at the time of publishing

      Student stories on our blog

      Perfect Pisa

      Hello everyone! If I name the city Pisa, you will probably think about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and all the funny photos everybody takes below it trying to make it not fall down! But besides this fantastic monument and the famous Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa is also well known, at least among the Italians, for being one of the best University cities and offering to its students a really amazing night life!! I have a few friends studying there and every time I can, I go there for the weekend! The city is really pretty and quite easy to get around by bike or foot with two nice bridges linking the two parts of the city together. Read more...

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