The city of Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

Spanish school in Malaga

Our Spanish school in Malaga's amazing location provides the perfect base for exploring the centre of this vibrant city.

8 classrooms
Student computers
Balconies overlooking the street
Relaxation areas
Modern decor
Accredited by the Cervantes Institute
Wi-Fi throughout the building
CSN and Bildungsurlaub approved (various states)

Our school in Malaga (City Centre)

Take language lessons in the centre of this bustling coastal city and experience Andalusian life for yourself! Our Spanish school in Malaga is right in the middle of the city, close to many of the best attractions including the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the 16th-century Fuente de Génova, and the impressive Palacio Zea Salvatierra. A little further away but still within easy walking distance are the Roman amphitheatre and the Moorish Alcazaba that overlooks it, the famous Plaza de la Merced, and the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. To the south you’ll find Playa de la Malagueta, the city’s best-known beach. Lining this beach is Málaga Park, a beautiful green space with sculptures, fountains, and an extensive botanical collection.

This language centre has 8 classrooms, each equipped with audio-visual equipment to support students’ learning. Many of the classrooms have balconies overlooking the street below. The school has student computers, which are available all day, and Wi-Fi access throughout. There are also several comfortable lounge areas with sofas and Spanish magazines; these spots are great for relaxing or socialising in between lessons. Since it’s so centrally located, the school is surrounded by shops and cafés providing a taste of day-to-day Malagueñan life. There is a bus stop just a few minutes’ walk from the front door, giving you easy access to other parts of the city and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

Our City Centre school is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, Spain’s primary organisation responsible for the teaching of the Spanish language. Courses at this facility are also approved by the Universities of Seville and Barcelona, and some programmes are eligible for CSN and Bildungsurlaub (various states). The school is a member of the International Association of Language Centres (IALC), Español en Andalucía, and the Association of Teaching Centres of Languages of Andalusia (ACEIA), all of which commit themselves to ensuring the maximum possible quality of Spanish tuition. These credentials mean you can be sure that your time here will be well-spent!


Our Spanish school in Malaga
Bright, airy classrooms
Learning Spanish
Making friends


A key city on Spain’s famous Costa del Sol, Málaga is a great place to learn Spanish thanks to its many attractions, its laid-back coastal atmosphere, and its proximity to some of the best natural scenery in the country. Philosopher Solomon Ibn Gabirol considered it to be the original ‘paradise city’ - with its 16 beaches, beautiful water fountains, and lively annual festivals, it’s not hard to see why. Studying at our Spanish school in Malaga places you right in the centre of this vibrant city and gives you excellent opportunities for immersive language learning. With an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, there can’t be many other places you’d rather be!

Málaga has been a favourite with international visitors since the mid-20th century and is now one of the key destinations on Spain’s southern coast. Despite its modern appearances, Málaga is heavy with history. The first recorded colony was founded by the Phoenicians in 770 BC; these sea-faring peoples traded with other towns and cities on the Mediterranean coast, helping to develop the area into a popular and diverse commercial hub. Since then the city has changed hands many times, having been ruled by the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Byzantines, African Arabs, and then Iberian Christians. These various civilisations have all left their mark on the city, and some influences remain to this day. One such example is the partially excavated Roman amphitheatre, which was built in the 1st century BC and which is now free to visit. The Málaga Museum gives a better taste of the city’s past: its blend of relics, sculptures, and paintings from around the world make for a very interesting afternoon. If you prefer art to artefacts, don’t miss the Carmen Thyssen Museum, sister to the famous Thyssen complex in Madrid.

One of the best things about Málaga is that its centre, where the majority of its most exciting attractions can be found, is almost entirely car-free, allowing you to safely explore without the danger - or noise - of city traffic. Cycling has become very popular, and there are plenty of bikes available for visitors to rent. By bike you can easily access sites like La Concepción botanical garden, with its beautiful fountains and follies, that you would otherwise need public transport to get to. If you do have a car, we recommend exploring the nearby villages - many are the traditional whitewashed pueblos characteristic of Andalusia. If you’d prefer to stay close to the city, Muelle Uno - the bustling shopping district at the harbour - offers hours of entertainment. The port itself is a key hub of the city, with lots of restaurants, bars, and high-rise hotels alongside the more expected ferries and fishing boats. Here you’ll find some of the best chiringuitos in town - these beach restaurants offer freshly-caught seafood and delicious local dishes. Being so close to all this and more, our City Centre school is ideally placed to give you an exciting and immersive Spanish language experience!

Courses in Malaga (City Centre)

Available courses

    The Intensive course of 20 group lessons each week is the most common course selected at this school. Classes take place in the morning from 09:15 to 13:00 Monday to Friday. Groups are organised according to students’ starting ability level, which ensures that no one is left behind. Each class has a maximum of just 10 participants, so each pupil benefits from highly personalised attention from the teacher. For more rigorous tuition, you can select a Super-intensive course of 25 or 30 group lessons per week; these extra classes will be used to expand on the skills and techniques covered in the core Intensive classes. The Super-intensive 30 course is suitable for students applying for Bildungsurlaub.

    Please note: if you have no previous experience with Spanish, you will need to start your course on a specific date - contact us for available start dates for beginners.

    If you think you may need extra support with your studies, or if you want to cover certain topics, we recommend that you book private tuition. On the standard programme you’ll receive 20 one-to-one lessons per week, though you can book more if you prefer. Since you’ll have the undivided attention of the teacher, you’ll receive bespoke tuition and get lots of language practice. Semi-private lessons are available for students travelling together who have the same starting ability level.

    If you wish to formally demonstrate your language ability level, you’ll need to pass the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE), a qualification which is recognised by businesses and education institutions around the world. Our school can help you get ready for your test with a specialised DELE exam preparation course. You’ll receive 20 core Spanish lessons each week that will help you to fine-tune your general language skills, followed by 10 exam-specific sessions. In these extra sessions you’ll cover past papers, exam techniques, and topics that you can expect to come up in the exam. You can study for 2 or 4 weeks directly before your exam date; the start dates for this course vary based on the year’s test dates. Please contact us for further information.

    This school also offers a work experience programme that’s great for anyone wanting to get hands-on experience in a Spanish company. You’ll have a minimum of 2 weeks of Spanish tuition followed by a minimum of 2 months working for a business in the city. Internships are available in a variety of industries on request; please get in touch if you would like further information on the possible options.

    On the first day of lessons, you should arrive at the school at 08:00. You will have already submitted a level test prior to arrival; this is used to assess your starting language ability and place you in a group that’s most suitable for that skill level. This process provides students with the best possible opportunity to improve their Spanish knowledge, regardless of their starting level. You will have a short oral assessment on your first day to verify the results of this test.

    In the afternoon/evening, you will have the opportunity to take part in the school’s activity programme. At the end of your course, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement. This can be used to demonstrate the language ability level you have reached during your time at the school.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us today to see if we can arrange a bespoke package for you!

    Special courses in Malaga (City Centre)


    Available accommodation

      To really benefit from your time in Málaga, you should stay with a local homestay host! Hosts are native Spanish speakers who live within 25 minutes’ walk of the school building. All hosts offer a comfortable and welcoming environment for you during your language programme. You’ll be able to practice Spanish with your hosts, allowing you to continue learning even outside the classroom! Hosts offer single or twin* rooms and 1, 2, or 3 meals per day as part of your accommodation package. As standard you will share the living and bathroom facilities with your hosts and any other students living in the home, though some hosts are able to offer their guests private bathroom access (by request only). Bed linen and towels are included (house towels; you should bring your own beach/pool towels). Wi-Fi access is available in some homes; please let us know prior to making your booking if this is an important requirement for you.

      If you’d like to stay with a host but want more independence during your language course, why not select a shared apartment? You’ll stay with local Spaniards on a self-catering basis, which gives you the freedom to cook for yourself or eat in local restaurants as you prefer. Depending on the size of the apartment, you may also be sharing with other international students, making this type of lodging a very social option. Most apartments have Wi-Fi, but some do not - please let us know if this is a requirement for you. Ben linens are provided but towels are not, so you should bring your own. Please note that, whilst you will have some opportunity for language practice with the Spanish person you share the apartment with, this option is much less immersive than staying with a host who provides daily meals.

      If you’d rather spend your time in Málaga with other school students, there are two options for you. The first is the school’s mini-residence, a 4-bedroom apartment located just 15 minutes’ walk from the school. There are 3 single bedrooms, 1 twin bedroom, and 2 bathrooms (one of which can be reserved as a private bathroom for the double bedroom). The apartment is bright, modern, and well-decorated. It has a fully equipped kitchen and a communal lounge with a balcony overlooking the many shops, bars, and cafés in the local area. Bed linens and towels are provided, and the apartment has Wi-Fi access. A €150 security deposit is payable on arrival; this will be returned to you at the end of your stay providing the residence is left in suitable condition.

      This school also has a larger student residence which offers a selection of single and twin bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. You can select a twin room even if you are travelling alone; if you do this, you will be partnered with another international student of the same gender and of a similar age. With colourful, modern décor and large communal areas, this residence is ideal for you if you’re aged 18 - 25 and are looking for a highly social travel experience. The residence is located just 10 minutes’ walk from the school, so it’s also perfectly placed to allow you to explore the local area after classes have finished. Bed linens are provided but towels are not, so you should bring your own. The building has Wi-Fi access. A €150 security deposit is payable on arrival; this will be returned to you at the end of your stay providing the residence is left in suitable condition.

      If you prefer complete privacy and independence, you can select a studio apartment and have private, self-contained lodging. Each studio has its own fully equipped kitchen (with washing machine, coffee maker, microwave, and hotplate; usually no oven) and a lounge with a television. The apartments have Wi-Fi access guaranteed and are located up to 25 minutes’ walk from the school. Bed linens are provided but towels are not, so you should bring your own. A €150 security deposit and a €40 cleaning fee are payable on arrival; your deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay providing the residence is left in suitable condition.

      All accommodation is available from 16:00 on the Sunday before your course starts until 12:00 on the Saturday after your course finishes. We may be able to arrange extra nights in your accommodation for you if needed - please contact us about this prior to making your booking.

      *Twin rooms are only available to students travelling alone when booking residence lodging. If you select homestay, shared apartment, or studio lodging but are travelling alone, you will be swapped to a single room.


      To complement your classroom learning with fun and educational experiences, our school offers a range of social and cultural activities. These activities usually take place in the afternoon or evening and are conducted in Spanish, allowing you to maintain your language immersion.

      Many activities are available free of charge, though some may incur an additional fee to cover entrance and/or transportation costs. The exact schedule changes throughout the year but may include:
      - Guided walking tours of the city
      - Visits to local museums and/or art galleries
      - Spanish film screenings
      - Tasting local produce such as fritura malagueña or ajoblanco
      - Extra language classes covering topics like pronunciation and grammar
      - Full-day excursions to nearby locations such as Córdoba and Seville
      - Plus seasonal activities available in the city at the time of travel

          Sample activity programme

      How to get there

      Málaga Costa del Sol Airport is about a 30-minute drive from the city centre and is easily accessible from many European locations.

      From here, you can either take public transport to your accommodation or we can arrange an airport transfer service for you for an additional charge. If you book this service, a driver will be waiting for you when you land and will take you directly to your accommodation. If you select this service on departure as well, you will be collected from your lodging on your last day and taken back to your chosen airport in time for your departing flight.

      You should arrange to arrive in Málaga on the Sunday before your course starts and depart on the Saturday after your programme finishes. We may be able to arrange extra nights on arrival and/or departure for you if needed.

      Location: city centre, Málaga
      Nearest convenience store: 240 m
      Nearest café: next door!
      Nearest metro stop: 1.1 km (Málaga Centre Mall)
      Nearest bus stop: 450 m (Alameda Principal, Larios)
      Distance from train station: 1.8 km
      Distance from airport: 16 km (Málaga Costa del Sol Airport)

      Location of our school in Malaga (City Centre)


      5.0 / 5

      4.2 / 5
      School Staff

      5.0 / 5
      Average score for our school in Malaga (City Centre) based on 7 previous client reviews.

      Student reviews & feedback

      Intensive 20 with Host Family
      School Staff

      We studied Spanish for two weeks, the course seemed to be at just the right level. The teacher and teaching was excellent. She was interactive with the students and kept us alert and interested. She introduced interesting themes and we were learning at the same time.

      Our hosts were excellent, accommodating, and hospitable. We were lucky to be served authentic Spanish dishes which were delicious and they were happy to converse with us in Spanish.

      I think the course and accommodation is very good value for money. I feel lucky to have studied in Malaga.

      Intensive 20 with Host Family
      School Staff

      Really excellent course and accommodation perfect. A real spanish expereience more than just a holiday.

      Carlos and Diana Toledo were great hosts and nothing was too much trouble.We have invited them to our home in Ireland!

      Super Intensive 25 with Host Family
      School Staff

      Course was at the right level. Marta was a highly engaging and enthusiastic teacher, making learning enjoyable.

      Intensive 20
      School Staff

      I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. They were interesting. The groups were small and My teacher Marta very professional. I have learned a lot over the two weeks.

      Intensive 20 with Host Family
      School Staff

      Truly excellent course and superb teacher, good mix of interactive activity with students, course book used more as backup for grammatical points. For someone with quite low level of Spanish I felt this style of teaching helped me to learn a lot and inspired me to improve my knowledge of grammar back home in UK.

      Club 50+ with Studio Apartment
      School Staff

      Extremely enjoyable due to enthusiastic & committed teachers. Also very friendly staff who are always happy to help. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and I hope to do a course with you again.
      Thank you.

      Student stories on our blog

      Incredible Malaga

      It has been quite a long time since we’ve posted about Malaga and although I personally hadn’t visited this historic city before, I thought I knew all there was to know since it is one of our most popular locations - and home to one of the very best Spanish schools in Spain! I certainly didn’t realise how fascinating the city itself was, or how special it is for the visitor that wants it all – great food, historic landmarks, large city nightlife and vast stretches of beach. Read more...

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