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Spanish course for Teenagers, Valencia


Valencia is a modern and exciting city on the Mediterranean coast, where you can enjoy the beaches and wonderful climate for over eight months a year! Valencia has a beautiful and enchanting old city centre and many interesting historic sights and cultural attractions. Being the third largest city in Spain, with two major universities, the city offers a vibrant and fantastic social life and a wonderful place in which to spend the summertime, whilst improving your Spanish and making many international friends!

Our Spanish Summer course for teenagers runs from the beginning of July until the middle of August each year. Our school is located in a spacious, 153-year-old building in the heart of Valencia’s Old Town, El Carmen. Newly renovated and boasting 28 air-conditioned classrooms, an outside patio area, two terraces, and an on-site café serving snacks and refreshments, the school offers everything you could need for your summer studies. Our tutors utilise the school’s interactive whiteboards, course materials, and specialised teaching methods to deliver excellent tuition, whether you stay with us for just one week or for the entire summer break.

Courses in Valencia

Students aged 14 to 17 of all Spanish levels are welcome to attend the summer course. The classes are designed with the specific needs and requirements of teenagers in mind and the teachers make it their goal to provide a total cultural immersion experience, in a fun environment. Students will gain a variety of new skills and insights, knowledge of the Spanish language and the Spanish life and culture. They will build on their confidence and open their minds, to be able to manage all kinds of situations, in our ever-changing multi-lingual world. The course consists of 20 general Spanish classes each week, in combination with a varied and interesting programme of cultural activities, visits and excursions, with full supervision, by a team of experienced school teachers and professional staff.


Our young students attending a course in Valencia have the choice of staying with carefully selected Spanish host families, or in the student residence.

Host family accommodation is offered on a shared room, full board basis (two or three students per room). The students have the chance to experience the Spanish way of life and to practise their Spanish with the local people. The hosts are experienced, friendly and welcoming, ensuring that our young students always feel comfortable and at home.

The residence can accommodate 60 students, making it a busy and social option! School staff stay on-site so someone is available 24 hours a day just in case. This type of accommodation is also offered on a full board basis, with meals taken at the cafeteria’s residence.


The school's team of young and experienced teachers and coordinators will help make your stay as enjoyable as possible. A member of staff accompanies the students during the cultural activities and on all visits and excursions, ensuring that there is always support and assistance nearby. There is a 24-hour emergency telephone number. On Saturdays there are full-day excursions and on Sundays students have free time with their host families, or they can meet friends provided that they confirm to their hosts where they will be and when they expect to return.


The summer course in Valencia offers extremely high quality Spanish classes to teenagers, together with an exciting programme of daily social activities, sports, cultural visits and excursions, to ensure that the young students thoroughly enjoy their stay. The activities take place on weekdays from 15.30 to 19.30 hours and include things like dance classes, beach afternoons, sports competitions, shopping outings, barbecues and a range of other cultural visits in and around the city. There is a full-day excursion each Saturday and students receive some free time on Sundays.


This programme is ideal for teenagers aged 14-17 years who are looking for a Summer Spanish course and exciting activities programme, with students of a similar age, in a friendly and welcoming beachside location.

How to get there

Airport transfers are included on arrival into and departure from Valencia airport. Students will be met at the airport by a member of staff from the school and taken to their host family on arrival. On the first day of the course the host will be able to accompany the students to school.

Location of our school in Valencia

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