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Learn English in Ireland, a country of timeless natural beauty and remarkably friendly people! You will find the openness of the Irish people invaluable in helping you to practise and improve your language skills! Ireland has a rich culture and folklore, which the locals will be only too happy to share with you. Outside of the towns and cities the wild, completely unspoilt countryside provides unforgettable vistas and endless opportunities for outdoor pursuits in your spare time. All across Ireland, charming villages lie hidden amongst rolling green hills, just waiting to be discovered!

We have two schools to choose from in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland’s capital city and one of Europe’s most energetic cities. Dublin is known for its music and for its wealth of inspiring museums, galleries, cafes, pubs and other artistic attractions and installations, providing students with a huge variety of inexpensive and creative things to do and see! World renowned acts such as Florence and the Machine and Snow Patrol have played in Dublin recently and every year a new festival seems to appear on the city´s events list! There is always an excuse to party in Dublin! Visit a traditional pub for a warm welcome, a night of lively Irish folk music and a taste of Ireland’s most famous product, Guinness (a delicious dark beer). Did you know that 10 million pints of Guinness are produced in Dublin daily?!

You can enjoy an English course in Ireland for as little as one week, or for as long as a whole year! In our two Dublin English language schools there is a huge selection of courses providing options for all interests and requirements. All of the teachers are highly qualified and specifically trained in the teaching of English as a foreign language. You are sure to make great progress if you learn English in Ireland with us!
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