Havana, the capital of Cuba

Learn Spanish in Havana

Learn Spanish in Havana, the wonderfully vibrant capital of Cuba, where Latin culture meets a Caribbean climate!

6 classrooms
Maximum of 6 students per class
Private patio area and small garden
Common room, media room and library
On-site canteen and dining area
Great range of accommodation options
Extensive social and activity programme
Free Wi-Fi available throughout

Our school in Havana

Our Spanish school in Havana is situated in the residential neighbourhood of La Vibora, at the heart of Cuba's captivating capital city. La Vibora is Havana's most populous neighbourhood, offering students an opportunity to engage with Spanish-speaking families and locals, to experience an authentic and fully immersive Cuban lifestyle. Our school building is found on the opposite side of Havana Harbour, providing a peaceful haven that's just 20 minutes by bus from Old Havana, allowing for easy access to this vibrant tourist hub.

Established in 2012, our Havana school has swiftly become a home away from home for foreign students who come to Cuba to study Spanish. Housed in a delightful three-story building, the school boasts six classrooms, various communal spaces, a cafeteria, a roomy patio, a terrace with a charming garden, a dining area, a library, and an in-house residence. It offers a cosy, comfortable environment with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, led by a dedicated and professional team of Cuban staff.

Our Spanish school in Havana is part of a pioneering chain of language schools that originated in Madrid in 1956. Since then, these Spanish schools have consistently provided high-quality instruction to international students from around the world. This connection to Spain ensures that your lessons in Havana follow the same teaching methods and philosophy upheld by highly qualified native Spanish-speaking professionals, offering reassurance and consistency in your education.


Havana, Cuba, Capitol building
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School building in Havana


Learn Spanish in Havana, the wonderfully enchanting colonial capital of Cuba and the vibrant heartbeat of the Caribbean. It is a city that transports you to another time, preserving the charm of a bygone era while embracing a modern, Spanish-speaking spirit. As you embark on your Spanish language course you will be immersed in a beautiful city where every corner tells a story, from Old Havana’s historic fortresses, churches, palaces, and cobblestone streets to the beautiful Cuban beaches that stretch beyond the east coast.

Havana is a city full of 50’s American cars, and beautiful Hispanic buildings, with an atmosphere quite unlike anywhere else! In Havana Latin culture meets a Caribbean climate, offering a unique Spanish-speaking location which is undeniably enchanting. The Cuban people are exceptionally friendly, and Havana also has the advantage of being a very safe destination for students who wish to study Spanish there.

Havana, which is also the largest city and main port of Cuba, attracts people from all over the world and has held a pivotal role in the Caribbean’s history since it was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century. The colonial grandeur of Havana has clearly faded, but this only adds to the charm, giving this Cuban cosmopolitan city a very authentic feeling. Drenched in history, Havana is so much more than an old Caribbean port; it was a launchpad for the Spanish conquest of the Americas and to this day is a doorway to the soul of Cuba! Notably, Old Havana received UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in 1982, offering legal protection and preserving its cultural and historical significance on the global stage.

Today, Havana remains a vibrant city where its history is beautifully interwoven with its contemporary life, making it an appealing destination for curious travellers who are looking to be immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Meander through the cobblestone streets whilst admiring the enduring charm of colonial architecture that speaks of days long gone. The meticulously maintained classic cars, offer a nostalgic glimpse into the past and a commitment to preservation as they navigate Havana's bustling streets.

The city's cultural institutions thrive, providing insights into its artistic and intellectual heritage, while historic sites carry the echoes of revolutionary moments that have shaped Cuba's story. Havana's unique blend of past and present beckons those seeking a deeper understanding of its history, offering a satisfying journey of learning and exploration.

A Spanish language course in Havana is suitable for all adults aged 18 years old and over, from complete beginner to advanced level. Class materials are loaned out and included in the price of the course. For our group Spanish courses, you will be part of an international environment with a maximum of just six students per class. These small class sizes and the immersive atmosphere will ensure you quickly reach your language learning goals.

Outside the classroom, you will have many opportunities to practise your Spanish with the friendly and welcoming locals. The city has a population of 2.3 million inhabitants and attracts over a million tourists annually. Enjoying a tropical climate, Havana experiences long, sunny days with average temperatures ranging from 27-29°C from November to April. The period from May to October is commonly known as the "wet" season by locals, but this doesn't necessarily guarantee rainfall during your stay. If rain does occur, it's typically brief and refreshing.

Courses in Havana

Available courses

    We offer two group Spanish course options in Havana: The Intensive course, consisting of 20 lessons per week (each lasting 45 minutes) from Monday to Thursday, or the Super-Intensive course, with 25 lessons per week which also includes lessons on a Friday. Each course provides you with five Spanish lessons per day. With the Intensive course of 20 lessons, you will have Fridays off, offering an opportunity to head to the beach or explore the island further.

    Typically, Spanish classes are scheduled from 09:00 to 13:00. However, depending on your level of Spanish and the school's availability and scheduling, your classes might also be held in the afternoon. If you have a preferred timetable, the school will make every effort to accommodate it.

    If you would like to spend some time focusing on any particular areas of the language which you feel require greater attention, you may like to consider taking an ‘Intensive + Private’ course of 20 group lessons and 5 or 10 private lessons each week. Students who do not want any group lessons and would prefer a fully bespoke set of private lessons can instead take five to 30 private lessons each week. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to arrange a special course of private lessons in Havana for you.

    In addition to the group and private Spanish lessons, we highly recommend the ‘Intensive + Dance’ course. Become familiar with Cuban dance on a Spanish and dance course in Havana that combines 20 Spanish lessons with three or six salsa lessons per week. Each dance lesson is a full hour of salsa tuition and taught by native Cubans in the Spanish school.

    Special courses in Havana


    Available accommodation

      Our one-of-a-kind Spanish school in Havana offers a complete programme that includes everything you need to make the most of your immersive stay in Cuba: Spanish lessons, cultural activities, and several accommodation options all within walking distance from the school. Students can choose between staying with a Cuban host family, staying with other students from the school in a shared apartment, having their own private apartment or taking one of the three rooms in the school’s own residence.

      All our accommodation options in Cuba are booked on a half-board basis, making use of the school canteen. Unlike most of our Spanish schools, it is not that common for Cuban hosts to eat with students. Still, if choosing the host family option, we do encourage you to try and speak as much Spanish as possible with your host, your classmates, and Cuban locals for the ultimate Spanish immersive experience.

      If you want a private bathroom, then we would suggest choosing the private apartment or residence option. However, some of the shared apartments and host families may also have a private bathroom on request.

      Cleaning for all accommodation options is done once per week and there is access to a washing machine and Wi-Fi with our residence option. A laundry service and Wi-Fi are not guaranteed with our other accommodation options in Havana, but our school staff will be able to help you with this.

      All Havana accommodation has air conditioning and bed linen, blankets, and towels for you to use. Double rooms can be arranged for two people travelling together.


      Whilst you are studying in Havana, Cuba, you will have plenty of opportunity to learn more about the local culture, as well as to practise speaking Spanish outside of the classroom, thanks to the school’s cultural activities programme!

      Weekly cultural activities are offered that include guided tours around the city. Friendly staff from the school will be able to help you with everything you may need. Usually, your Spanish classes take place in the morning, so afternoons are for cultural activities and sightseeing. On top of the afternoon dance or cultural activities, the school organises other activities such as sports, trips to the beach, visits to museums, rum factories and more. Most of these activities are not included and cost a little extra.

      Once you have settled into the Cuban way of life, join locals as they congregate at popular bars to revel in Cuban music, sip on Cuban rum cocktails, and savour the world's finest cigars. A big part of taking a Spanish course in Havana is having the opportunity to immerse yourself in Cuban culture whilst exploring the city and local area and using your new-found Spanish skills in everyday situations.

      How to get there

      Fly into José Marti Airport in Havana or Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport in Varadero. From here you can take a taxi, or we can arrange a private airport transfer for you on arrival for an extra cost.

      Location of our school in Havana


      5.0 / 5

      5.0 / 5
      School Staff

      5.0 / 5

      Student reviews & feedback

      Super Intensive 25 with Host Family
      School Staff

      The courses were excellent, I had a teacher who explained everything about the culture of Havana. I learned a lot en every sense of the word.. culture, gramar, speaking, listening. The lessons were the most agreable experience.

      The accomadation is nice, the lady of the house is very nice and friendly.

      Student stories on our blog

      Time stands still in Cuba!

      I absolutely loved my stay in Cuba and I came back home a passionate enthusiast about the Cuban way of life and culture! I just couldn’t believe how friendly the people were! Please do contact us if you are considering a Spanish course in Cuba and have any questions about this wonderful location. I visited our school in Havana, and our team would also be happy to discuss our other Cuban courses in Trinidad and Santiago. Read more...

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