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A-Level Revision courses

Are you preparing for a French or Spanish A-Level exam? Then what better way to revise than by taking an A-Level revision course at one of our French or Spanish schools! Here at Apple Languages, we understand how nerve-racking these exams can be, and our A-Level courses are designed to help students like you gain the necessary language skills to pass the French or Spanish AS/A2-Level exams. You will learn in a fun and relaxed environment, either in small groups of students preparing for the same exam, or individually in the form of private lessons. All of our A-Level revision courses are led by experienced language teachers, who can offer expert advice and exam techniques to help you prepare for the relevant A-Level exam. Studying alongside like-minded individuals will also give you the perfect opportunity to exchange handy hints and tips with your peers.

What’s more, preparing for your A-Level exam in a French or Spanish-speaking country means that you will be fully immersed in the language for the entire duration of your stay. Put your language skills into practice in an authentic setting by chatting with the locals or ordering food in a restaurant and notice improvement far quicker than ever before. Revising for your A-Levels has never been so exciting!

Our A-Level revision courses aim to:
• Improve the student’s general level of French/Spanish to reach the level required to pass the French/Spanish AS/A2-Level exam
• Assist the student with learning and revising the appropriate vocabulary for the exam
• Familiarise the student with exam-style questions and provide them with tips and advice on how to approach them
• Build on the four main aspects of the French/Spanish language (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
• Expand the student’s knowledge of grammatical and lexical structures
• Improve the student’s confidence and ease of verbal communication

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