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Rating  4.4/5

German course in Berlin Campus (Prenzlauer Berg)

Our Berlin Campus school is the only language school with on-site accommodation in the whole city! With the iconic Alexanderplatz, Museum Island and other major sights all within easy reach, if you take a German course at our Berlin campus school you will find yourself at the perfect base to immerse yourself in Berlin and all of its culture! Germany’s eclectic capital is a city of incredible culture and nightlife, as well as countless cafés and parks where you can practise your German skills with locals or simply watch the world go by.

Our school in Berlin Campus (Prenzlauer Berg)

60 classrooms
Course materials included
Studio apartment block
4* hotel with swimming pool
Book shop
Accredited by Eaquals
Wi-Fi throughout the campus
Registered TestDaF examination centre
Approved for CSN and Erasmus+ programmes
On-site restaurant (serves dinner until late)
5-time winner of Study Travel Magazine’s Super Star School Award
On-site cafeteria with its own garden and terrace (serves breakfast and lunch)


Berlin Campus
School Entrance
Big, bright classrooms
Relaxing on campus

Enjoy superb facilities while you learn German in Berlin! At our Berlin Campus, you’ll find an on-site residence, 60 classrooms, restaurant, cafeteria, book store and free Internet access throughout the premises. The school also has an outdoor terrace area fringed by extensive gardens and even a swimming pool!

There are many places on campus where you can relax after German lessons, chatting in German and making new international friends. Or, you can explore the surrounding area of Prenzlauer Berg, one of Berlin’s most fashionable districts, where stylish cafés and bars line the streets. The school is situated between 2 U-Bahn stations, making it simple to travel to other parts of Berlin, and beyond!

Location: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
Nearest convenience store: 450 m
Nearest café: 71 m
Nearest metro stop: 750 m (Senefelderplatz)
Distance from train station: 3.2 km (Hauptbahnhof)
Nearest bus stop: 26 m (Schwedter Strasse)
Distance from airport: 26.1 km (Berlin Schönefeld Airport)

Courses in Berlin Campus (Prenzlauer Berg)

Available courses

  • Intensive (20)
  • Intensive + Private Lessons (30)
  • Super Intensive (25)
  • Super Intensive (30)
  • Private Lessons (20)
  • Business Course (30)
  • Club 30 (20)
  • TELC Exam Prep (18)
  • TestDaF Course (30)
  • Work Experience (30)

If you want a programme that balances German tuition with free time, the Intensive course will suit you perfectly. This German course in Berlin consists of 4 classes each morning (totalling 20 per week), so you can discover Berlin in the afternoons! If you would like more teaching hours each week, take a Super-intensive course of 25 or 30 lessons per week.

For even more concentrated learning, take an Intensive + Private Lessons course to combine your 20 group lessons with the undivided attention of your tutors on 10 private German lessons each week. Alternatively, you can take a course of Private Lessons only.

Germany has the largest economy in Europe, so learning the language can give you a distinct advantage in business terms and is also vital if you wish to work in a German-speaking country. Our school runs a course of Business German which will help you improve all areas of German that will be indispensable in the world of business.

Alternatively, you may like to consider taking the Work Experience programme. Provided that you currently have at least an intermediate level of German, after a minimum of 4 weeks of language lessons you can take part in work experience for a period of 6, 8 or 12 weeks. Placements are unpaid and are designed to give you experience of using your German in a practical way and in a professional environment. Fields in which the school are usually able to arrange work experience include: architecture; arts and culture; business and administration; IT, technologies and graphic design; law; marketing, advertising and PR; NGOs, ecology, social work and politics; tourism and event management. You are welcome to indicate a preference at the time of booking, but please note that your actual placement will depend on availability and previous experience. The price for the programme includes 4 weeks of the Intensive course of 20 group lessons per week.

If you have any questions about any of our German courses, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Available accommodation

  • Host Family
  • On Site Residence
  • Shared Apartment
  • Student Residence Plus
  • Studio Apartment

If you want to learn as much German as possible, choose to stay with a German host family. Living with a local host family, you can choose between bed and breakfast or half-board options if you would like to share the experience of meal-times with your hosts, or room only if you would prefer more independence.  

For convenience and comfort, choose the on-site residence option. our school’s on-site studio apartments are unbeatable! Enjoy a central location in the heart of Berlin, as well as all the great facilities that our school has to offer, including a restaurant, café, movie lounge and lush gardens. The apartments themselves are spacious and modern in style, with private kitchens and bathrooms, free Internet access, a TV, telephone and views of the gardens.

Alternatively, opt for a shared apartment where you will have your own private room with shared kitchen, bathroom and living facilities. Shared rooms are also available if you would prefer.

You can also choose the studio apartment option. These apartments are located 30 minutes from the school by metro and are comprised of a bathroom, kitchenette, TV and Wi-Fi access. There are also washing machines in the building.


Every week on your German course in Berlin the school offer at least 3 after-class activities and 1 full day excursion. On your first Monday in Berlin, there will be a tour around the Prenzlauer Berg area, introducing you to your surroundings.

The activity program is constantly refreshed, but usually includes tours of Berlin’s different districts, museum and art gallery trips, movie nights, bike tours and nights out. Potsdam, Hamburg, Dresden and Leipzig are typical destinations for excursions, all cities with a rich history and fascinating sights. Please note that while some activities are free to attend, others will incur an additional fee which is payable directly to the school upon your arrival.

How to get there

Our school offers a private transport service from any of Berlin’s major airports and train stations, which will take you directly to your accommodation. Please note that airport transfers are not included in the price of the programme.

Location of our school in Berlin Campus (Prenzlauer Berg)


4.4 / 5

3.8 / 5
School Staff

4.7 / 5
Average score for our school in Berlin Campus (Prenzlauer Berg) based on 28 previous client reviews.

Student reviews & feedback

Great course pitched at the right level with generally good tutors. Course requires additional work and although nobody shouts at you if you dont do it, without doing the homework you quickly get left behind. A mixed bunch of students with mixed abilities even though a language assessment had been done in advance. Admin of the courses and admin staff all wonderful.

On campus accommodation was outstanding. Fantastic location, comfortable and convenient with a great breakfast, access to laundry and a nice setting. Couldnt have asked for more.

School Staff

I really enjoyed my time at the school and I plan to go back at the start of july.

School Staff

The course was excellent, the teachers super friendly and patient. As complete beginner it was at the right level, challenging enough and fun at the same time.

School Staff

I very much enjoyed my week's German course in Berlin. The two teachers for my class (Gudrun and Nina) were both excellent and I was able to brush up my German very satisfactorily. The school facilities e.g. canteen were very good.

My host Elvira Hertel made me very welcome and cooked excellent meals, while my room was very comfortable. I was able to have many interesting conversations with Elvira.

Everything ran very smoothly and I would highly recommend Apple Languages.

School Staff

Before starting the course, Apple Languages has been incredibly friendly and helpful in rearranging the date of my course. With staff helping to reorganise my stay at short notice, I would recommend them to anyone! After arriving at the school, the teachers were incredibly good at teaching the grammar and vocab as well!

The accommodation was satisfactory overall. With high-quality facilities, it was nice to live in.

Overall a very good experience!

School Staff

Teaching of very good quality & the accommodation was excellent.

School Staff

Evaluation of the German course by the language school in Berlin [Prenzlauerberg]: I was lucky to take a German language course in Berlin from 18th July till 5th August 2016. To cut a long story short: I absolutely recommend this school.

I had 3 classes a day 90 minutes each: 2 group classes and 1 private class. Hence I had 3 teachers and, although each of them seemed to specialise in something else (vocabulary, grammar or culture), their cooperation was so smooth that I got the impression that they had agreed upon the curriculum of the whole group. This is even more surprising taking into consideration the fact, that the participants of the group were bound to change every Monday as the minimum length of the course is a week and participants take a week, a two-week or a tree-week course according to their possibilities. Surprisingly, the teachers manage to be both flexible and focused on their and their students’ goal.

Since I took level C1 course, all the participants were motivated and contributed to each other’s success. The atmosphere in the class was excellent. All classes contained a healthy mix of listening and talking (with an option of written homework), consolidating the matter already studied and learning a new one. Likewise, the subjects varied but were always topical and encouraged discussions. This was fostered not only by the creative approach of the teachers, but also by perfect organisation and infrastructure. The school has a number of buildings (including accommodation), a reception open almost around the clock, a cafeteria where one can have a proper meal and a restaurant. Many classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards that can be used as computer screens allowing for an access to the internet. At the same time one can write on them or select and shift the words written around, arranging them in an order requested. A password-protected wifi connection is also available to the students.

Apart from that, the school also has a library and organises sight-seeing visits and tours in Berlin and to other cities, as well as nature outings. Likewise, there are lectures on, for example, German history, art or cinema on offer. They are given by the teachers of the school who are prepared to provide linguistic explanations if needed. I am grateful to my inspiring teachers Jana, Thomas and Petra and to the speaker on German cinema, Gudrun, and on the German art and literature, Petra again. Thanks to them, German for me is not only the language of precision, but also of passion and of joie de vivre. I also appreciate the Glühwein offered by our guides Bennet and Stephanie after what turned out to be a very wet canoe trip in Spreewald.

School Staff

I thought it was very well planned and managed. As for the teachers, they too were excellent; very patient and very skillful at adapting to the level of their class.

School Staff

It was great to learn from native speakers in their own country.

I loved the location and the accomodations.

School Staff

It was really good to be back in school to learn German. teachers were great, Unlike on secondary school in the past learning German was fun.

Living and learnig on the campus in Berlin Prenzlauerberg was an amazing experience. An excellent room, good breakfast and only 3 minutes to the classroom

Thanks for organising my stay in Berlin

School Staff

The course was expertly delivered. Both my tutors were highly talented teachers. The whole school was very friendly and easy to use.

Accommodation was clean warm and very welcoming. I was made to feel at home and was invited to use all of the amenities.

I will definitely use this means of learning again and will highly recommend it.

School Staff

Very good course. starting from zero, in only a month I was able to speak enough german to accomplish my daily routine without problems and to enjoy simple conversation

The school was very well organized, the course was appropriate to my level and the teachers were very good. The course was good value for money.

School Staff

The teachers and support staff were beyond excellent. They were innovative, friendly, and just plain great teachers. truly learned German and by the end of my two weeks I could converse in German in every day situations. Loved the course, the students, and the instructors. First class!!

School Staff

The course was methodical and well structured. Was happy with this. The host was very friendly and made excellent meals.

School Staff

School statistics

Nationality (%)

Brasil (3)
Czech republic (4)
France (4)
Italy (14)
Mexico (5)
Norway (8)
Spain (4)
Switzerland (3)
Uk (7)
Usa (4)

Average Student Numbers

Average ages (June - Aug)

* Statistics considered correct at the time of publishing

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