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Date posted:December 9, 2008
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German with a good taste!

I’m here studying German in Berlin and really enjoying it, but I’m really learning more than just German – I’m also learning how to cook!

I must tell  ou about my favourite German class. Actually, I hadn’t imagined, before coming here, that the words ‘German class’ and ‘favourite’ would really combine in my world… but at this school in Berlin I’ve learned that studying and fun really can be combined.

The German lessons are well taught, professional and really enjoyable…but my favourite class so far has been a ‘German cookery’ class organized by the school – because it was SO much fun, we learnt lots., laughed loads and also found out how to cook one of those delicious cakes that Germany is so famous for!

So, I can say that ‘my favourite class’ so far has been the KÄSEKUCHEN class…. This really nice teacher, Ursula, brought all the ingredients and to the school’s kitchen and taught us (in GERMAN!) the secrets of her mom’s famous German cheese cake, a typical German dish.

Since we were mainly guys in the class and none of us had ever baked a cake in our lives, we thought it was a fun idea, but that it would never work out! But, we made the dough, cut apples, mixed it all together, baked it and of course ate it…… And to our surprise: It was sooo delicious!! Even students from the other classes, at break time, with the delicious smell drifting down the corridor couldn’t wait to get a piece of it!

It was really fun, a great lesson…. and without noticing it, we did learn many new German words…..to do with cooking, ingredients, weights, numbers, times, instructions..etc..etc

I must say that I was so proud that the cake came out fine and I will definitely surprise my friends and family when I get back home and cook for them such a delicious and typical homemade German dish!….I never imagined that I’d learn to speak German, or that in Germany I’d learn how to cook!!

Christian, 20, Canada

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