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Video guide to Venice, Italy

Famous, infamous, and much visited – Venice welcomes 20 million visitors every year. Many are day-trippers, but those that stay for at least one week are rewarded with new discoveries every day. Few cities have been dreamt about, discussed or resonate as much with tourists as Venice. This historic city, one of the world’s most picturesque, proudly lies on the largest island of the Venetian Lagoon. Venice has its fair share of political and environmental problems, but modern day commerce has done nothing to distract from its magic.

The first thing each visitor in Venice will notice is the labyrinth of streets that you can’t help exploring. The best way to find yourself in Venice is to get lost, and that’s the easy part! Hundreds of tiny alleyways, crooked places, and canals make it almost impossible to follow a fixed route. Good luck trying to arrive in the most direct way at your destination! It can take weeks or even months to be able to properly find your way around Venice.

With the greatest probability, you will discover numerous picturesque sights, buildings, and places that you had never expected. You are equally likely to end up in an empty dead-end street, being able to enjoy this city’s unique atmosphere for a moment, without crowds of people surrounding you.

A single picture is worth a thousand words… And this video reflects the unique charm of Venice in a way that’s difficult with just words. Start exploring, discover your favourite places, and create your own Venice experience!

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The historic old town is quite compact and can be explored by foot without great effort. Just make sure you don’t mind getting lost at first! You should, however, take some advice: It’s worth seeing several buildings from the inside (especially the St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace). Try not to worry about the expense or waiting times, you won’t regret it!

You should also experience the beautiful view around this lagoon city from the water. Riding along the canals is possible with the water buses (Vaporettos), water taxis and gondolas. The water side view from the opposite shore of the Lido Island offers one of the best views over the old town.

However much you may have already heard about this legendary city, Venice keeps its promise and will surprise you with its incredible atmosphere!

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