Brighton pier

A touristy weekend in London!

There are a lot of major cities in the UK but none is greater than London. The UK’s capital, London is more than just a big metropolis. It is truly unique and depending who you talk to, one of the most important cities in the world. London can be described as a country of its own, not only because of its massive size but because of the many different people and cultures that call this place their home. You can also call it home if you study English at one of our fantastic central London language schools!

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10 incredible things to do in London

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great day! Today, we are back with a new blog post, this time, about 10 incredible things to do in London, England.

We have chosen some of our favourite not-so-touristy places in the capital to keep you busy like a Londoner.

Perhaps these recommendations will also inspire you to take an English course at one of our language schools in London!

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London – a city like no other

The UK is made up of many villages, towns, cities, green fields, rolling landscapes, historic buildings, polite and proper people, diverse regions, accents and cultures… and then there is London! London is the powerhouse of the UK economy, a truly global city matched only by the likes of New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. As seemingly important for Europe as it is for the UK, it is the world’s most visited city based on foreign arrivals, has the world’s largest city airport system and the largest metropolitan area in the EU!

London may seem a daunting place in which to visit and learn English, but with all our schools in travel zone 1, close to underground stations and tourist attractions, together with all accommodation within easy reach, it could not be easier to take a language course in the UK’s capital city.

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