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A Dream Come True!

Hi! My name is Sophie, I´m 20 years old and I come from Sweden. Here I am, second from right, along with some of my new friends.

I have during the last three months been studying German on the little island in the south of Germany, called Lindau. I decided to take a year of from my school in Sweden because I wanted to do something else, something fun, interesting but also something that would be educational.

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Lindau – where on earth is that?

When I decided to improve my German last year, I wanted to do it somewhere with a friendly atmosphere, in a place where I have a lot of leisure possibilities and in a region or city which I hadn’t yet been to.

So, I noticed this school in Lindau, Bavaria, and I suddenly started to really look forward to going there and seeing what it was like!

On my trip from Oslo to Munich I started to read up on the beautiful countryside of the south of Germany and I couldn’t wait to see all that in real.

Throughout my stay in Lindau, which is situated at Lake Constance and just on the border to Austria and a few kilometres away from Switzerland, I lived in the school’s own student residence There I had a nice room, I shared the kitchen with other students from the school, so it was really easy to socialize and get integrated in my ‘new world’. In just 8 weeks I made a lot of friends and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to visit them all!

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Lindau: the small island with everything you could want!

If you don´t just want to learn German, but you also want to discover a new region, I personally recommend to you to go to Lindau. Lindau is a small island in the very south of Bavaria, just a walk away from Austria and Switzerland!

I came here to improve my German, but have been amazed by the beauty of the scenery here. You can find everything you want here: mountains, lakes, beautiful landscape etc. What’s more, the big cities like Munich and Stuttgart are just 2 or 3 hours away by train.

Although Lindau is not a capital city, the cultural life is really intense! There’s theatre galore, casinos and museums.

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Lindau: why I am determined to return

I recently took a German course at the school in Lindau and had a fantastic time. I loved the proximity to the mountains, and the clear skies and warm weather which engulfs the island of Lindau in Lake Constance (Bodensee). You can observe where the borders between Austria and Switzerland lie with a naked eye from a number of turrets that have existed since the 14th century.

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