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Date posted:September 8, 2008
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A great experience in Buenos Aires

First I wanted to study Spanish in Spain. Then suddenly I thought why not making an experience a bit further away? So changed my mind and went to Buenos Aires. There I took a Spanish course for 4 weeks.

I didn’t speak a word when I arrived. I had some basics, but that was all. I chose to live in a host family; there you have the possibility to speak the language the most. And it was just perfect! I had a lovely host mum and she really took care in speaking a lot with me. She was like my second family.

The school in Buenos Aires was quite big, over hundred students from all over the world; Brazilians, Americans, Canadians, Swedish, Norwegians, Swiss, Germans, Italians, French, Asians, Australians and many more! The classes are very small and the teachers really take care of everyone. There are different activities you can inscribe (city tours, concerts, visit football games, cooking empanadas or alfajores, tango classes, playing football) Not only activities in Buenos Aires, but also some outside of the city you can take part of. For example a 4 days trip to the amazing waterfalls Iguazu which is at the boarder to Brazil and Paraguay. Or a day trip to Tigre where you can go kayaking and visit a nice market (only 1 hour away by train).

Once, I visited Uruguay for a long weekend. It’s really worth to visit Colonia which takes only one hour by boat. From there we took the bus to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. It’s nice to see something different as well. From there we went back to Buenos Aires by boat. It was a great weekend in another country, where they drink even more Mate than in Argentina!

In Buenos Aires there is a lot to see and to experience. For example the famous cemetery Recoleta, the market in San Telmo, the colourful part La Boca, the plaza de Mayo, the Avenida 9 de Julio with the obelisk, the parks of Palermo, the Malba Museum… You never will be bored! The nightlife is also something you shouldn’t miss. And it’s just amazing, every day you discover something new!

I even have my favourite bookstore at the Avenida Santa Fe, it’s called “El Ateneo” and it looks like a theatre! It’s just amazing and you can spend too much time in there! Another great experience was the bike ride (with orange bikes!) through a part of Buenos Aires! There was a guide and explained many details about the city. And you will also get to know the typical things of Argentina like Mate, Alfajores, Dulce de Leche, Quilmes, all the wine and the excellent meat!

I never thought that I would love Argentina so much. At the end I stayed there longer than expected. I’m even going back there now for a longer time again!

Sabrina (Germany)

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