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Date posted:November 1, 2007
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A Sunday in Recoleta – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recoleta, where our Spanish Language School is located, is one of the most popular and premiere neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina. Recoleta is a fantastic area that becomes the greatest on weekends. It is a must for all tourists, and foreigners are very welcome; however, it is still undoubtedly an excellent place to meet locals while they enjoy the most important activities of their lives: drinking “mate” and dancing tango.

The whole area is surrounded by beautiful parks, all kind of shops (which have excellent prices), numerous restaurants and cafes, the cemetery and church in the middle next to the fine art museums and other cultural centers with varied programs.

Sundays are always special here since a large fair is open all day long around the main park. Start with a nice breakfast at a café with outdoor tables; coffee and “media lunas” or “facturas“. Drops of milk are called “lágrimas“, if you prefer “café cortado“.

Then a visit to Evita Peron’s grave would be nice – although it might sound gloomy, you should not miss the view of the fantastic and artistic mausoleums. An exhibition at Recoleta design, or pictures on the bridge with the giant metal flower can follow before lunch time.

Hungry? Mmm, what about a delicious “bife de chorizo“? Ask for only half if you are not able to eat more than 200gr, most places serve pieces of 300gr as regular size!! Another good option is pastas, this a country of Italian descendants. If you try the spaghetti or raviolis and you will not regret it; judge for yourself to say if it is as good here as it is in Rome or Milan.

For the rest of the afternoon, you can buy souvenirs and handcrafts, have an ice-cream at the popular “Freddo” cafes, watch couples dancing tango on the streets or simply sit on the grass and enjoy a show!

When night falls, you can see a movie at “Recoleta Village” and continue with a beer at “Locos por el futbol pub” or choose any of the pizzerias of Vicente Lopez avenue.

What better way to relax on you weekends before returning to continue your Spanish language course in Buenos Aires!



  1. Toby

    Hey Katie
    Sounds like good times to me! And I guess you weren’t bored after 2 weeks?! I plan to go for 3month to Argentina to learn Spanish and I hope there’s enough to see for this time, but I’m not really worried. I’m really incredibly exited about the trip! Until I go I’m reading a bit about Argentina to boost the anticipation and your entry didn’t disappoint me J!
    Cheers Toby

    Posted November 8, 2007 at 3:49 pm
  2. Katy

    Hola Toby!

    I’m completely honest when I say you can never be bored in Buenos Aires! You have plenty of options for everything. What I really like is you can go wherever you want, no matter the time and you can always get a taxi back home; this is very useful in my case as a young woman travelling alone. I feel envyous that you will be there 3 months; I would love to come back as soon as possible!!!
    Have a great time there!!

    Posted November 13, 2007 at 1:00 pm
  3. Curtis

    Hola Toby!
    I just got back from a month in Buenos Aires and miss it already!!
    Do not worry, 2 weeks is enough to see and try everything this beautiful city has to offer!!
    You’ll love it!there’s absolutely no doubt about it!
    Curtis(New York)

    Posted November 23, 2007 at 10:56 am
  4. Charles


    It is indeed a lovely city and I would recommend everyone to visit it very very soon!!

    I have been there on a language course for 3 weeks and it is a city you like you can´t imagine.


    Posted February 22, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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